A Modern Renaissance or ‘Rebirth’ Is The Solution

Hello mankind,

I hope this message finds you well.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog.  I’ve set back and watched things develop on the world stage. I’m witnessing the people of the world spiraling out of control and into chaos, but more importantly, I’ve been considering what I can do to help.  You see, I know a little about chaos.  I’ve lived as a working artist for over 10 years and to do that, one pretty much has to have one foot in chaos and the other in order at all times; well, that’s been my experience anyway, and I can only speak for myself about that.  That being said, chaos is important.  I would suggest that chaos drives evolution and growth.  The chaotic force is what all of the  dragons and demons of the world’s collective myths & religions represent, and the lesson each of those myths puts forth is that one should pay attention, face one’s faults, take responsibility, and make order out of chaos.  That is what we each need to do on an individual level, but how do we do that?  

We can start by using technology responsibly.  Let’s face face it, too many of us don’t, and we should all know by now, that technology can go one of two ways.  It can be used to uplift humanity, or destroy us and if you don’t believe that, just take a look at history.  In fact, that’s a real good idea.  Let’s take a look at history now and see if we can find modern correlations with what’s happening in our world today, which is without question, collapse.  

Let’s ask ourselves, what conditions caused the Roman empire (civilization) to collapse? What were conditions like during the 1500 years afterward? What kicked off the rebirth of culture called the Renaissance? Can you see any modern parallels, and if so, what are some practical solutions to avoid the problem of history repeating itself?  Check for yourself and let me know.

To simplify things, I would say that coercion, decadence, lack of morality, over expansion, insanity and barbarians (Peoples outside the empire) led to the collapse of the Roman civilization.  What came next was a 1500 or so year period called the middle or ‘dark’ ages.  To simplify things, this was a time of decay, ignorance, disease, brutality, and bloodthirsty tribes battling for dominance.  Again, to simplify, the rediscovery of old knowledge from Greece, Rome, and Egypt was the spark that ignited the rebirth of culture and civilization called the Renaissance.   I would add that one very important aspect of this period of ‘Rebirth’ was the concept that the human was divine.  The modern parallels are, of course, that our western civilization, which I would argue is preferrable to the alternative, has been in decline for some time.  We’ve allowed ourselves to be dumbed down and distracted.  We’ve grown selfish, immoral, decadent, insane.  Our past governmental administrations have overreached while crucial principles have crumbled at home, and I would add that we’ve all allowed it.  We’ve given consent with our lack of attention, our feelings of powerlessness, our acceptance of wrong doings, and our lack of care.  There’s an old saying that states,  “The barbarians are at the gate.”  It comes from the last days of the Roman empire.  We differ from the Romans where barbarians are concerned though.  Thanks to the construction of political correctness, we’ve actually allowed those in power to bring them through the gates, even those whose mission in life is to destroy our civilization.

We’ve had a socialist president just leave office after 8 years.  I was a kid when he ran.  I didn’t know anything and like a lot of other artists and publishers, I made quite a bit of money off of his hollow image and empty message.  It’s been a while since then and I, like so many others, personally have suffered from the Obama administration’s policies.  I have to mention that I am still not a Republican, but I’m not a Democrat either. I chose sanity instead.  I am sane.  That being said, let’s face it.  The left has gone SO FAR LEFT that I can actually imagine what the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution must have looked like .  Communists are marching in the streets with no argument, no desire for discourse.  Their motus operandi is to intimidate, chant, yell, curse, blow into whistles and commit various acts of violence.  One of them just shot a Republican senator at a baseball game.  The senator was pushing legislation to stop human trafficking and pedophilia.  Politicians, universities, Celebrities and mainstream media are encouraging violence.  It’s chaos plain and simple.  Something has to be done about it and the charge is put to us, as individuals, to face the chaos, take responsibility for it, and act to bring about order.

To do these things seems frightening and difficult.  It seems easier to simply be quiet and put our heads in the sand because the mainstream narrative being pushed is that those of us who are sane are actually crazy.  It’s a smoke screen, an inversion of reality.  They are the minority despite the narrative, and attention is already being paid by massive amounts of people.  Can you believe that more of us tuned into the James Comey hearing than the NBA finals?  The hearing had an estimate of 20 million views and as far as I know, that number doesn’t include the multitudes of viewers tuning in from alternative sources of media via live streams.  For me, the sheer amount of attention being paid explains the irrational behavior of the far left establishment, who seem to be flailing just before death, and in their panic, they are coercing the uninformed, those who take them at their word, to encourage and act out violence, to march in the streets and behave like lunatics.

There are those out there, and plenty of them, who would argue that the far left communist movements, which are currently making fools of themselves, are not dangerous.  Sure, they are, and very.  Depending on how old you are, you may not have learned about the staggering death toll tallied up by communism/socialism (Far higher body count than the holocaust produced) or how the communist experiment has yielded the same results in every country where it’s been initiated.  Venezuela is currently in a state of collapse and not so long ago, the leader of North Korea told his people they would have to begin ‘sucking roots’ to stay alive, while also demanding that they turn over rice they yield to the state. Don’t take my word for it though. Do some honest research. Look at both sides of the argument. Look into how propaganda works. Open a history book printed prior to the 1960s’.  Search online for historical essays.  The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson (Maps of Meaning) recommends each of his students to read George Orwell’s book “1984”. Aldous Huxley’s books “Brave New World”, Aleksnadr I. Solzhenitsyn’s (Who was actually in Soviet Russia in the early days of Communism) book “The Gulag Archipelago”, Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good & Evil”. Think about it.  In science, if an experiment continues to fail after repeated ‘controlled’ experiments are conducted, the theory holds no truth and to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results constitutes insanity.

Finally, after we learn to pay attention, how do we begin to see ourselves for what we could be?  Really I should say, how do we see ourselves for what we have forgotten that we actually are?  How do we remember and utilize our potential.  Lets begin by taking a look at consciousness. 

When you take the word ‘consciousness’ back to its Latin & Greek etymological roots (What words were actually intended to mean), you get phrases like ‘to know’, ‘To discern’, ‘active’, awake’, ‘moral sense’, ‘certainty’, ‘to cut’, ‘to split’.  

It’s argued that consciousness is the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. Scientists still don’t really understand Consciousness, but for our purposes, that’s really not important.  There are things we do know about it and it seems while trying to unravel the mystery via science and the new age movement, post modernism has grown to epic proportions and we’ve forgotten what the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans left for us.   Human consciousness allows us recognize patterns. We can look into the past and learn from our mistakes. With our consciousness we can see probable futures. We can run simulations in those futures with various incarnations of ourselves to determine what actions we should take and what results we might get if we take those actions. Now of course, when we get to that future, that future becomes ‘Now’ and ‘Now’ is very important also. Being in the ‘Now’ helps ground us and can act as a safety-release valve when our journeys into the future get too dark and horrifying, but we shouldn’t strive to stay in the ‘Now’ at the expense of the benefits our consciousness affords us. If we do that, we are actively working for regression from what we are, and headed backward to the limited state of animal consciousness. Animals spend their existence searching, often unsuccessfully, for food and, when the seasons allow, for mates. They don’t have the weight of the future hanging on them and they’re not bothered by the wreckage of the past, which is good, but they are also at high risk of starvation and of being eaten by a predator at any moment.

I would suggest that our human consciousness, even with it’s drawbacks, is of maximum value to our species. As individuals I argue that we should love nothing more than consciousness, honor the mystery of its origin, show gratitude for being in possession of such a gift, and learn how to utilize it responsibly for right action. I think that when enough of us begin approaching consciousness in this way, we will began to look at each other in a different light and we’ll discover or rediscover solutions that will make the world a better place.

 Until next time,


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2013 ‘Pussy Hat’ Prophesy & More

Hello internet,

I’m sure many of you are frightened, but don’t worry, it’s all worked out.

I haven’t posted a blog since November, after the election.  No, I’ve been setting back watching things develop.  Now, I don’t trust one source of news completely, so I look around and compare what different sources are covering and reporting.  After the massive fail and blatant proof of bias, I have thrown off mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, almost completely.  I still venture over to see what spin these networks are putting on current events, but that’s about it.  I’ve heard from a little bird, that these company’s audiences are all suffering and have dwindled down to almost nothing, but that’s only what I’ve heard.    

Some interesting developments concerning groups affected, or some might say warped, by prolonged exposure to identity politics have surfaced again the last week or so, and these goons are really showing their asses off.  In fact, after setting in contemplation since the November 8th election, I have discovered more examples of prophesy contained in my 2013 – 2016 art creations, namely in the collections, “Art Is My Way Of Chucking Civilization Out The Window” and of course, “Apoko-Lips”.    Today well take a look at one in particular.

ckirk_csfifteen_b This large-scale museum piece was painted with oil between the years of 2012 and 2013.  It’s titled “It’s Like Having A Gun You Can Pet #2″ or “Pet Gun 2” for short.  Now you can clearly see, in the left-hand corner, the fleeing female, painted with much less fervor, wearing a ‘pussy hat’.  Now before you call me a misogynist, let me tell you that I fully support feminism in its classical form, but what we’re dealing with today is not classic feminism.  No the ideology has been gradually altered via long-term social engineering methods and now we have neo feminism, which is essentially the philosophy that women should be elevated above their male counterparts and are the superior gender.  Now this is totally unbalanced and goes against philosophies that have illustrated the importance of balance in nature for almost 3000 years.  If you factor in the point that there are and have been, far more individuals of male gender, on the planet, at any given time, as there were Jews to be murdered during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror, the philosophy of neo feminism is clearly shown to be on a higher level of ‘fucked up’ and more dangerous to the human species than Nazi ideology ever was. There is a reason Wonder Woman left Amazon Island ladies.

Anyway, here’s the bad news.  My prophesies generally manifest in some form or other and this 2013  oil piece doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the neo feminists or their ‘pussy hat’ dupes.  It’s clear the pussyhatter is fleeing.  She’s fading.  Her pursuing counterpart is richly colored and the oil is thick.  There is a prehistoric terror bird called Gastornis, which was an apex predator that had no natural  predators of its own.  The masked figure rides the feathery beast like a horse, symbolizing power, and birds flock behind, giving chase as well.  In ancient mystery traditions from around the world, feathers, wings, or birds were symbolic of higher intelligence, so basically, your incredibly flawed ideology is squared off against balance.  The dynamic combination of power and intelligence is against you. You are a piece of the #goonpopulous.  You are beta bitches, and the real, authentic women of the world will not be swayed by your quest for gender supremacy.

To give you a metaphoric example of what I’m talking about, I’ll provide you with a visual aid.  Here’s an crude stop-motion cartoon I made back in 2013. 

 Now, if you, the reader, think I am being harsh on these misguided simpletons, take a look at some examples from the women’s march that you probably won’t catch watching mainstream media stations such as CNN, reading drivel like the Washington Post, or hanging around in such internet ghettos as Facebook.  

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Until next time, I told you so.




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