On Trojan Horses, The #Goonpopulous & Worldwide Pedo Busts


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The progressive and tolerant #goonpopulous showed its ass off at yet again, this time at Berkeley University the night before last.  The violent protest, or riot, is said to have been initiated over a homosexual journalist named Milo Yiannopolis of Breitbart News  , being scheduled to give a talk.  I know, crazy right?


Now, if you haven’t witnessed the violent temper tantrum just yet, or simply don’t believe me, take a look at the footage in the videos below.

Video by Paul Joseph Watson.

Video by the Doctor Of Common Sense


If you are currently or recently have been setting things on fire, damaging property, physically assaulting individuals or groups with opposing views, funding or organizing this angry mob, or blindly accepting and spreading ‘news’ with no actual evidence behind it, the statement in this new piece may be meant for you.


On Trojan Horses

“Perhaps you were transformed into an ill-informed simpleton by the prolonged misuse of ‘smart’ technology.”

If the statement above happens to apply to you, know that the revolution has happened already & you missed it. I’d like to include this urgent message of 4 Beatles from across time for the #goonpopulous

Listen carefully. 

On a brighter note, the worldwide pedophile ring is unraveling fast. Tons of arrests made around the planet. 474 arrests made, I believe on February 2, 2017, in Los Angeles alone. Google it for more info.

And they said it was a conspiracy.

Online stockpile of worldwide news (From December 2016) concerning pending downfall of pedo rings by clicking here. 

For specifics on L.A pedo busts click here for a google search results.

and watch this

Video by Alex Jones at infowars.com

Disclaimer – I am not necessarily a fan of Alex Jones and I don’t agree with everything he says, but he does his research, is passionate, and should be respected as he has devoted over 20 years to exposing all of this.

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What Does Sloth (From Goonies) & Obey Giant Propaganda Have in Common?


What does Sloth (From Goonies) & Obey Giant propaganda have in common?

Absolutely nothing, but that didn’t stop me from making a correlation when I conceived this piece in 2013.

Anyway,  “Philistine #1” was sold and delivered to a collector with a rather robust sense of humor and I’m glad.

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After A Week of The “If You Ask Me Syndrome”….Featuring Sloth



Hi again,

After a week of the “If you ask me” syndrome, I finally decided to shut the fuck up and let my painting do the talking!  Anyway, working made me feel better instantly and I finally made a small start on the “Philistine” series that has been occupying my thoughts for the last few months.  It felt so good, I decided to reward myself by grilling a big juicy steak.


Anyway, whether artists and graffiti writers are philistines for not appreciating Shepard Fairey’s work or Obey fans are philistines for buying into it is the question.  The answer is really up to the viewer.  Fell free to leave your comments and opinions, but please remember, I only presented a question and haven’t actually mentioned my own opinion.

“Philistine #1″, 11 x 15″, watercolor, ink, sharpie, & collage on 140lb” acid free watercolor paper, 2013

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