On Trojan Horses, The #Goonpopulous & Worldwide Pedo Busts


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The progressive and tolerant #goonpopulous showed its ass off at yet again, this time at Berkeley University the night before last.  The violent protest, or riot, is said to have been initiated over a homosexual journalist named Milo Yiannopolis of Breitbart News  , being scheduled to give a talk.  I know, crazy right?


Now, if you haven’t witnessed the violent temper tantrum just yet, or simply don’t believe me, take a look at the footage in the videos below.

Video by Paul Joseph Watson.

Video by the Doctor Of Common Sense


If you are currently or recently have been setting things on fire, damaging property, physically assaulting individuals or groups with opposing views, funding or organizing this angry mob, or blindly accepting and spreading ‘news’ with no actual evidence behind it, the statement in this new piece may be meant for you.


On Trojan Horses

“Perhaps you were transformed into an ill-informed simpleton by the prolonged misuse of ‘smart’ technology.”

If the statement above happens to apply to you, know that the revolution has happened already & you missed it. I’d like to include this urgent message of 4 Beatles from across time for the #goonpopulous

Listen carefully. 

On a brighter note, the worldwide pedophile ring is unraveling fast. Tons of arrests made around the planet. 474 arrests made, I believe on February 2, 2017, in Los Angeles alone. Google it for more info.

And they said it was a conspiracy.

Online stockpile of worldwide news (From December 2016) concerning pending downfall of pedo rings by clicking here. 

For specifics on L.A pedo busts click here for a google search results.

and watch this

Video by Alex Jones at infowars.com

Disclaimer – I am not necessarily a fan of Alex Jones and I don’t agree with everything he says, but he does his research, is passionate, and should be respected as he has devoted over 20 years to exposing all of this.

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The Black Wolf That Carries The Stolen Bag Of Countless Treasures – New Watercolor Studies

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I hope all is well in your worlds.

I’m excited.  I’ve completed a few newer watercolors, two which I very pleased with.  A couple of the new pieces a more detailed works and  after spending a handful of days on the, more involved watercolors, I  decided to go back to studies that are less time consuming and more playful.  In some regards, I feel like the simple, whimsical illustrations suit the story better.   


ckirk_kakhati_one-1The tale centers around an amnesiac who lives alone on an island.  As a result of a frustrating, zen-like conversation with a hungry pelican that swooped down to steal his roasted fish, the amnesiac is charged with a perilous quest and dubbed the “Old fool”.  The old fool must find the black wolf that carries the stolen of bag of countless treasures.  Inside the bag are three items which will console the weeping dragon.


I was thrilled after finishing “The Black Wolf” piece above.  For me, the quick little watercolor is simple and strong.  That’s probably why I’m so captivated by it.  I could’ve done a little more work in the background, but I left it out.  Speaking of background, many of the illustrations for the story will need to include the setting, so I’ve been studying up on painting landscapes with watercolor. Hopefully, I’ll have some aptitude there.  We’ll see.  


I love the “Spring Dragon” Piece (Above) very much.  It really took an enormous amount of patience and a lot of work to get the watercolor so rich.  I don’t know how Alex Ross does it.  Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, the time and patience paid off.  

img_0016The Old Fool study above is still in progress.  I’ve used little pools of watercolor to form the image and inserted some very visible brush strokes here and there for contrast.  We’ll see how it turns out.

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Fox Full Of Wind

Hello again art lovers,

I hope this week has been good for you.

I finished up a piece for the new “MR MIRACLE Mythos” arm of my Apoko-Lips series.  I’m low on canvas, so I painted over an old canvas that I had played over for the last two years.  Because of this, the texture was so rough, that initially , I had a great deal of trouble.  I pretty much wrote it off as a failure last week and went back to the drawing board with charcoal and paper.  I figured I would hash out the theme a bit more and pick the oil painting up once I had a new canvas to work on.  I’m compulsive once I initiate a painting, so of course, I started work on the piece again.  After a bit of playing around, I found a way to adjust to the rough canvas.  I’m reasonably happy with how the new work turned out.


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 9 x 12″, textured paper, 2016


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 18 x 24″, smooth bristol, 2016

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The Son Of GRID


MR Miracle

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