When The Idea First Came About I Was Just Coming Off A 3 Year Stenciling Addiction & Was Really Starting To Lose My Shit

Hello again dear readers,

I hope you all had an insane Halloween.

I did.  After it was all over, I took a blood oath to quit drinking again.

Anyway, I’m blogging because I was recently looking through my stash for some works to be shipped to the UK.  I was surprised to find the studies for my SOLD out 2009 series “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”!  I had totally forgotten about them.

The series was a mesh of mixed media and collage on mostly 30 x 40″ canvas with an amoral/confessional super hero theme.  When the idea first came about I was just coming off of a three-year stencil addiction and I wanted to do something different.  “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” eventually manifested itself as primarily hand drawn work but it all started with the recently found stencil/collage pieces.

I decided to put a selection of the studies on sale for a limited time.  They’ll probably be available for a week.


“Stay Cool” Study, 2009

Check out the other studies that are on sale at my SHOP.

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“There are days I feel like making up a silly alias and spray painting giant dicks all over the city”

   Hello again everybody!

I hope all you guys were  fellated at least once last week and that Oprah gave all the gals a new luxury car!

Now that that’s out-of-the-way,

check out my latest handmade print!


“There are days I feel like making up a silly alias and spray painting giant dicks all over the city”

Size yet to be determined
Emulsion, acrylic, oil, graphite & oil pastel on watercolor paper, 2014

The statement it’s self is something I mumbled last night before brushing my teeth. The idea for the props I used during the photography stage  came from somewhere else.  An artist pal of mine named Joey Seeman posted a section of an old Avengers comic on facebook a while back.  Apparently the phrase “Straight dick” used to mean something else entirely.  Anyway, you can see how it all naturally came together.


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It Felt Pretty Damn Good To Simply Half Ass This Thing


Hi again,

I started my second piece for the “Philistine” collection.  See the last entry below or just click here if you want to learn about the idea behind the series.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this piece for a while and there was many different ways I could’ve done it.

I made my decisions as I worked on different sections.  The head would not have looked heavy enough if I painted it in watercolor, so I saved that medium for the flowers.  Oil for the sloth head would’ve been good, but to be honest I just didn’t feel like mixing paint.

I decided to collage and use other simple skills such as stenciling to complete this painting.  Usually I try to improve my technique with each new piece, but I have to admit…it felt pretty damn good to simply half ass this thing.


“Philistine 2″, 18 x 24”, watercolor, spray paint, leather dye, and collage on 140lb acid free watercolor paper, 2013

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After A Week of The “If You Ask Me Syndrome”….Featuring Sloth



Hi again,

After a week of the “If you ask me” syndrome, I finally decided to shut the fuck up and let my painting do the talking!  Anyway, working made me feel better instantly and I finally made a small start on the “Philistine” series that has been occupying my thoughts for the last few months.  It felt so good, I decided to reward myself by grilling a big juicy steak.


Anyway, whether artists and graffiti writers are philistines for not appreciating Shepard Fairey’s work or Obey fans are philistines for buying into it is the question.  The answer is really up to the viewer.  Fell free to leave your comments and opinions, but please remember, I only presented a question and haven’t actually mentioned my own opinion.

“Philistine #1″, 11 x 15″, watercolor, ink, sharpie, & collage on 140lb” acid free watercolor paper, 2013

Until next time,



Sticker Documentation + Final Pieces of 2011 Collection

“Oral Fixation”, Spray paint, acrylic, & collage on cardboard, 2011

Size yet to be determined.

Hello all,

I just wanted to do a quick blog press about a few new pieces and some recent photos of sticker postings.  Recently I received a few emails from members of my sticker crew.  There were some nice photos of stickers placed around the country.  I always love to find this sort of documentation in my inbox!

New York Subway

Silverlake Sunset BLVD. and Santa Monica BLVD. LA

New Mexico

Stickers should start popping up in England, Germany, Slavakia, and France soon.  I shipped off more sticker packs today to various parts of the US and also in Canada.  I hope I get some nice pics of the postings.

In other news, the Texas heat is upon me.  Yesterday it was 105 degrees!  I’ve been doing a lot of work indoors, but with limitations of course.  I’m starting to think it’s time for a break and also time to experience some artistic growth.  I figure I will vacation until the end of summer and get back to work in full force once Fall arrives.  This being said, I will probably not be releasing anymore original art until Fall, but it will be more likely that new work will start to appear in 2012.

I have recently went in and added a few more pieces to my website as well as marked pieces as sold.  The 2011 collection has been disappearing very quickly since it was officially released just  just months ago.  

If you would like to grab a piece or two before they are all gone, please visit the gallery section of my website to see what is still available.

Until Next time,



Some of My Favorite Contemporary Artists & Art Galleries.

Hello all,

If you read my last blog entry, you know that I will not be releasing any new art for the remainder of 2010.  I’m still painting regularly and will blog about upcoming exhibits as well as other news until January of 2011 when I will lift the curtain of secrecy to present a collection of new paintings to the public.

I was setting around the other day thinking about things I could do to keep my blog active.  Finally…I had an idea!  I decided to feature and interview some of my favorite contemporary artists and art galleries around the world.  Despite the fact that I’ve never interviewed anyone before, I think it’s a great way to let readers see the kind of art and people who inspire me.  A few weeks went by before I actually started approaching people and finally decided I’d better get started. 

I spoke with a handful of  folks that I admire.  Some of these people I know personally, some I know online,  and  others I don’t know at all. This should be fun.   Anyway, I’m pleased to announce  George Morton Clark, Jaybo Monk, Indigo , THH70 & Jason Zenga owner of Art Asylum Boston will be the first features for this new addition to my blog.    

Until next time,



Online Preview of Studies on Paper

“Special Online Preview of 2010 Studies” before they are unavailable.

These studies on paper have helped me immensely in completing my new more significant pieces on canvas. Really…they were the stepping stone between 2009’s series and the new more technical pieces. This selection of art on paper is not listed on my ……website, but I have created a flicker set for you to view.
Take a look….If you see anything you like just let me know and we’ll take it from there

Click the link below to see the Online Preveiw of Studies on Paper:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ckirkart/sets/72157623629447424/See More

I can be contacted through my website: http://www.ckirkart.com/