On Trojan Horses, The #Goonpopulous & Worldwide Pedo Busts


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The progressive and tolerant #goonpopulous showed its ass off at yet again, this time at Berkeley University the night before last.  The violent protest, or riot, is said to have been initiated over a homosexual journalist named Milo Yiannopolis of Breitbart News  , being scheduled to give a talk.  I know, crazy right?


Now, if you haven’t witnessed the violent temper tantrum just yet, or simply don’t believe me, take a look at the footage in the videos below.

Video by Paul Joseph Watson.

Video by the Doctor Of Common Sense


If you are currently or recently have been setting things on fire, damaging property, physically assaulting individuals or groups with opposing views, funding or organizing this angry mob, or blindly accepting and spreading ‘news’ with no actual evidence behind it, the statement in this new piece may be meant for you.


On Trojan Horses

“Perhaps you were transformed into an ill-informed simpleton by the prolonged misuse of ‘smart’ technology.”

If the statement above happens to apply to you, know that the revolution has happened already & you missed it. I’d like to include this urgent message of 4 Beatles from across time for the #goonpopulous

Listen carefully. 

On a brighter note, the worldwide pedophile ring is unraveling fast. Tons of arrests made around the planet. 474 arrests made, I believe on February 2, 2017, in Los Angeles alone. Google it for more info.

And they said it was a conspiracy.

Online stockpile of worldwide news (From December 2016) concerning pending downfall of pedo rings by clicking here. 

For specifics on L.A pedo busts click here for a google search results.

and watch this

Video by Alex Jones at infowars.com

Disclaimer – I am not necessarily a fan of Alex Jones and I don’t agree with everything he says, but he does his research, is passionate, and should be respected as he has devoted over 20 years to exposing all of this.

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A New Higher-Quality Image Of Re Imagining GOZER

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I became bogged down on the study for my last oil painting.  I’m glad I didn’t actually start squeezing paint out of the tube and smearing it on canvas yet, because since then, I’ve totally reworked the composition.  Anyway, I used some of the down time to re photograph some older pieces.  I’ve been wanting to re shoot quite a bit of my older work ever since purchasing a new camera over a year ago, so I’m pleased that I finally managed to get to the task. Below is a higher quality image of “Re Imaging Gozer”.  The camera captured a lot more of the detail, heavy smears of oil paint, and the vinyl/paper collage underneath.  Take a look.


In other news, the recent studies I found from 2010 will be on sale a little longer before being taken down.  These works have never been featured on my website and are available for a limited time.  They’re visceral, moody and on sale on my shop page.


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Fox Full Of Wind

Hello again art lovers,

I hope this week has been good for you.

I finished up a piece for the new “MR MIRACLE Mythos” arm of my Apoko-Lips series.  I’m low on canvas, so I painted over an old canvas that I had played over for the last two years.  Because of this, the texture was so rough, that initially , I had a great deal of trouble.  I pretty much wrote it off as a failure last week and went back to the drawing board with charcoal and paper.  I figured I would hash out the theme a bit more and pick the oil painting up once I had a new canvas to work on.  I’m compulsive once I initiate a painting, so of course, I started work on the piece again.  After a bit of playing around, I found a way to adjust to the rough canvas.  I’m reasonably happy with how the new work turned out.


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 9 x 12″, textured paper, 2016


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 18 x 24″, smooth bristol, 2016

ckirk_twentyseven_bFor other recent works, visit ckirkart.com  If you wold like to see a selection of earlier works, click here.

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The Son Of GRID


MR Miracle

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A Psalm Concerning Nasty Ol’ Brian


Once upon a time there was a guy called Brian.  He was always mad and usually cryin’.  People were always in his way, he never had anything good to say until a light bulb lit up above his head, and he saw things really weren’t that bad.  He did everything he could do.  He lost weight and polished his shoes.  Afterward, he even made his bed, but the very next day Brian fell down and broke his head.  Out of everyone that heard the news, no one cried, or sang the blues. they all rejoiced instead.  They rejoiced because nasty ol’ Brian was finally dead.


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The Son Of GRID


Mister Miracle

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Semantic Terror & The Possibility For Magic

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you have all had a week full of sensuous pleasure and excitement!


“Semantic Terror & The Possibility for Magic“, 2015

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The Modern, Porno Reference #1 & The Rediscovery of Oral Fixation

Hello again art lovers,

1 hope you’ve all had a good week.  My week brought many nice surprises.  1 will tell you about three.

The 1st surprise is that my wife and 1 made a spontaneous trip to the Modern Museum in FT Worth Texas last Wednesday.  This was unexpected and really rewarding.  1 had visited the Modern a few years ago, but was in a very limited, miserable, rationalist reality tunnel and didn’t truly appreciate the experience of the first trip.  Toward the end of 2013, I had a paradigm shift which has been lasting.  This time, 1 was in awe of the architecture of the museum and the majority of the art work inside.  1 took along my Sony A5000 and shot many photographs of the architecture  and arrangements for future Apoko-Lips background emulsion purposes.

My wife also insisted that I photograph her with of two Warhol paintings and one Anselm Kiefer sculpture.  Of course, like many women, she choose to stand in front of the art work instead of beside it.


Kryptonite was just what the doctor ordered.  Erika, Warhol, 2015


Getting in the way of art, art, or one reason why art is made?  Erika, Kiefer, 2015

The 2nd surprise was being contacted by a collector from New York about a mixed media piece.  1 then sold the piece from 2012 titled Porno Reference #1!  The art was created with watercolor, acrylic and coffee.  As it tuns out, the collector purchased the piece for her boyfriend, which 1 believe, makes here a prime squeeze.


Porno Reference #1, 2012

If the first 2 surprises were not good enough, here’s a 3rd surprise.  While doing some Spring cleaning, 1 rediscovered a piece that 1 thought had been destroyed.  It turns out it was just misplaced during our 2014 relocation.  The rediscovered art is titled Oral Fixation and was created in 2012 with spray paint and primer on cardboard.

Now, here’s a surprise for you. 

Since 1 believed Oral Fixation to be destroyed and had accepted the loss some time ago, 1 decided to offer the art up as a specially priced sale piece!

Oral Fixation will be specially discounted from today, July 8th until next Wednesday July 15th.

If you would like more information about Oral Fixation, feel free to email info@ckirkart.com.  We’ll be happy to help.

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 10.43.33 AM 

Oral Fixation, 2012

As always, if you would like to see high-resolution images of my current Apoko-Lips collection or to inquire about pricing/purchasing options, feel free to visit the website and get in touch.  We’ll be happy to help.


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Seeing My Art In People’s Homes Brightens My Day

Hello again art lovers,

All is well.  I don’t have a new piece to share this morning,  but I did sell one of my favorite watercolors last weekend.  The piece sold to a nice collector in New York who has acquired a few of my pieces over the years.  She’s been kind enough to send photos of the framed pieces.  Seeing my art in people’s homes pretty much always brightens my day,  So thank you Lisa.


“Ed Harris As Picasso Playing Popeye”, 2013


“Horsecock” framed in collector’s home.


Another piece framed in collector’s home.  I’m not sure when this piece was made, but it’s old.  I do remember that it was created with spray paint and charcoal.  It’s great to see the piece again!

Until next time,