The Old Fool: An Epic Tale To Enrich Painting

Hello again art lovers!

I hope all is well in your worlds.

I know, its been a while since I’ve posted a new blog entry.  I wish I could say that I’ve been painting for the duration of my M.I.A status, but I haven’t.  You see, I began painting the “Kakhati” art around the simple theme of laughter.  Kakhati is a Sanskrit word from ancient India that roughly translates into English as “Laugh out loud”.  Anyway, after working through a few pieces,  I felt like “Kakhati” could be enriched and possibly even flourish if a little more thought was thrown into the mix.  With this in mind, I attempted something new.  I wrote an epic for source material.

Don’t bet me wrong, I know other artists like William Blake, have been fond of combining their painting and writing talents to make more elaborate works, but I’ve never really utilized the combination.  Writing has always been one of my great hobbies and truthfully, I’ve probably written much more than I’ve painted this year, so it seemed natural to assimilate the hobby into my work.



I’ve only completed a few newer pieces and they’re  little more than quick studies, but now that my epic is finished, I have a treasure trove of rich, fanciful imagery stored up in the ol’ dream machine.  The tale centers around an amnesiac who lives alone on an island.  As a result of a frustrating, zen-like conversation with a hungry pelican that swooped down to steal his roasted fish, the amnesiac is charged with a perilous quest and dubbed the “Old fool”.  The old fool must find the black wolf that carries the stolen of bag of countless treasures.  Inside the bag are three items which will console the weeping dragon.



kakhati_spring_dragonAs you may be able to imagine, I am very excited about the upcoming paintings featuring a selection of imaginative scenes from the epic.  I’m still not sure whether I want to use oil paint for realism, or watercolor for a more whimsical approach to the imagery, so I’ll  probably do both.  A long-time friend and collector of my work phoned the other day, and after hearing about the project, he graciously offered to provide the funding for most of the supplies I needed.  I happily accepted the support, so it’ll only be a matter of time, before the old fool’s adventure is  translated into visual art.


To see other recently completed pastel studies and my current selection of work in watercolor, oil, mixed media, ect, please visit my website

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All NEW Painting! The MR MIRACLE Mythos – “Excappare”

Hello again art lovers,

I hope all is well in your worlds.

I finally finished up the LARGE-SCALE painting I started last December.  I operated a little differently than I normally do.  I usually have a major painting mapped out from top to bottom prior to even picking up a brush, but I had very little planned before returning to this piece.  Pretty much everything other than the figure in black and the rectangle behind him manifested as the painting progressed.  I went with my intuition and it felt good.

Anyway, enough about process, there’s a high quality image of my first piece completed in 2016 and a brief statement about Apoko-Lips below.


Apoko-Lips initiated toward the end of 2013. I was suddenly struck, then obsessed with pictorial concepts of strange messengers. These concepts came to fruition in a collection I now call the Apoko-Lips – Primer. These large oil paintings featured harbingers who foreshadowed awe-inspiring change. Change arrived, wasn’t noticed until after the fact, and has yet to depart. Since then, the ongoing series Apoko – Lips became for me, a collection of allegories depicting transmutation through personalized interpretation of archaic symbolism. Apoko-Lips directed my focus away from contemporary culture, the velocity of information and life lived online through high-tech touch screens, and shifted my contemplation inward. Actions and movements interrupted by glitch, are emphasized in the 2014/2015 Initiation works as a “Note to self” or memento of the physical body, the external world, and to reboot, or expand consciousness. The 2015 Behold The Son Of GRID additions to Apoko-Lips feature outlandish entities who reveal declarations that could be considered confusing, presumptuous, and vitriolic. The experimentation that brought forth the Behold The Son Of GRID works eventually led to upheaval and discord in every area of my personal life, drove me to the edge of sanity, and educated me, through what I can only describe as “Tough love”, on laws of the universe. Fortunately, change is the only constant and I’ve risen from the ashes as an old bard with epics full of metaphor, monsters, and glory in Apoko-Lips – The MR MIRACLE Mythos.


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The Son Of GRID


Mister Miracle

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