2013 ‘Pussy Hat’ Prophesy & More

Hello internet,

I’m sure many of you are frightened, but don’t worry, it’s all worked out.

I haven’t posted a blog since November, after the election.  No, I’ve been setting back watching things develop.  Now, I don’t trust one source of news completely, so I look around and compare what different sources are covering and reporting.  After the massive fail and blatant proof of bias, I have thrown off mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, almost completely.  I still venture over to see what spin these networks are putting on current events, but that’s about it.  I’ve heard from a little bird, that these company’s audiences are all suffering and have dwindled down to almost nothing, but that’s only what I’ve heard.    

Some interesting developments concerning groups affected, or some might say warped, by prolonged exposure to identity politics have surfaced again the last week or so, and these goons are really showing their asses off.  In fact, after setting in contemplation since the November 8th election, I have discovered more examples of prophesy contained in my 2013 – 2016 art creations, namely in the collections, “Art Is My Way Of Chucking Civilization Out The Window” and of course, “Apoko-Lips”.    Today well take a look at one in particular.

ckirk_csfifteen_b This large-scale museum piece was painted with oil between the years of 2012 and 2013.  It’s titled “It’s Like Having A Gun You Can Pet #2″ or “Pet Gun 2” for short.  Now you can clearly see, in the left-hand corner, the fleeing female, painted with much less fervor, wearing a ‘pussy hat’.  Now before you call me a misogynist, let me tell you that I fully support feminism in its classical form, but what we’re dealing with today is not classic feminism.  No the ideology has been gradually altered via long-term social engineering methods and now we have neo feminism, which is essentially the philosophy that women should be elevated above their male counterparts and are the superior gender.  Now this is totally unbalanced and goes against philosophies that have illustrated the importance of balance in nature for almost 3000 years.  If you factor in the point that there are and have been, far more individuals of male gender, on the planet, at any given time, as there were Jews to be murdered during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror, the philosophy of neo feminism is clearly shown to be on a higher level of ‘fucked up’ and more dangerous to the human species than Nazi ideology ever was. There is a reason Wonder Woman left Amazon Island ladies.

Anyway, here’s the bad news.  My prophesies generally manifest in some form or other and this 2013  oil piece doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the neo feminists or their ‘pussy hat’ dupes.  It’s clear the pussyhatter is fleeing.  She’s fading.  Her pursuing counterpart is richly colored and the oil is thick.  There is a prehistoric terror bird called Gastornis, which was an apex predator that had no natural  predators of its own.  The masked figure rides the feathery beast like a horse, symbolizing power, and birds flock behind, giving chase as well.  In ancient mystery traditions from around the world, feathers, wings, or birds were symbolic of higher intelligence, so basically, your incredibly flawed ideology is squared off against balance.  The dynamic combination of power and intelligence is against you. You are a piece of the #goonpopulous.  You are beta bitches, and the real, authentic women of the world will not be swayed by your quest for gender supremacy.

To give you a metaphoric example of what I’m talking about, I’ll provide you with a visual aid.  Here’s an crude stop-motion cartoon I made back in 2013. 

 Now, if you, the reader, think I am being harsh on these misguided simpletons, take a look at some examples from the women’s march that you probably won’t catch watching mainstream media stations such as CNN, reading drivel like the Washington Post, or hanging around in such internet ghettos as Facebook.  

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New Naked Lunch Limited Edition Prints & The Fall Sale Of 2014

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I hope you’ve all had a good week.

I’m very happy.  I received my test print of the popular piece “Naked Lunch” and it is unbelievable.  It looks identical to the original.  The printers at Static Medium captured all the texture and detail!  I’ve decided to go ahead and release an edition of 10.  One has already sold, so there are currently only nine available.  The print measures 24″ x 11″ and is on heavy archival paper. Each print will be signed, numbered and are priced at $90 plus shipping.


I am also considering a second option of a much larger print with a smaller edition.  If you’d like to discuss the larger option, contact me at info@ckirkart.com

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In other news, I have a lot of new experimental work lying around half-finished and I’m a little light on supplies at the moment.  I guess that can be the downside to experimentation.  Anyway, because of this, I have decided to have a sale on art works this fall on facebook.  Works will be temporarily be discounted until midnight on Monday, October the 13th. If you see anything you just have to have, personal message me on facebook or email info@ckirkart.com.

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Facebook Contest To Win 24 x 30″ Canvas!

“Long Face”, 24 x 30″, mixed media & collage on gallery profile canvas, 2010, ckirk

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Upcoming Facebook Contest In The Works.

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I’m just stopping in for a quick press.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking of throwing a contest of some sort for a while now.  I’ve had most of the details figured out for a bit, but had decided to hold off talking about it all until closer to the release of my new work.  For some reason or another, I figure this should be public knowledge even before the contest details are completely worked out or announced…. Call me crazy, but what the hell?

Anyway, for the official release of my 2011 collection, I will be holding contest on Facebook. The drawing winner will receive a selected 24 x 30″ canvas from 2010 absolutely FREE! Be sure to tune in regularly for upcoming contest details, but until then, I can only offer up just a bit more information.  Chances are, I will create a Facebook event for the release of the new collection.  The event won’t have a physical location due to the fact that this contest is global and I don’t want to leave anyone out.  Basically I will be shooting out invitations to members of my Facebook page, so if you haven’t joined up and want to be entered for a chance to win….

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