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Hello again art lovers,

1 hope you enjoyed reading last week’s blog post The Tale Of Moby Dickhead as much as 1 enjoyed writing it.  This week’s post focuses on a brand new triptych!  This seems to be the first piece of art 1 have made for the Apoko – Lips collection in about two months and it allowed use of some new photography/emulsion techniques.  The piece also gave me an excuse to get naked, shave my head, and put on my smiley face war paint once again.  The triptych is titled “Access Program Legion Pathway Boom Tube” and seems to be a record of recent experiments, experiences, and revelations.  Admittedly, 1 employed the tools of exaggeration and drama quite a bit while arranging the symbols that tell this story.


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 1


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 2


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 3


 1 mentioned in Refresh Dream Machine Pathway Odinsleep that 1 do not plan to bog down this art blog with the cooky results or explanations gathered and symbolized in art work.  However, if you like to think different (1 don’t mean simply buying a Mac) and would like a fun book list, give us a shout from  1 have a mountain of ebooks by different authors that 1 have read over the last couple of years and 1 will be happy to share them with you for free.  Don’t fret,  1 haven’t become a complete fruit loop. Rhonda Byrne’s repetitive and not so secret book “The Secret” isn’t in the list!


As always, if you would like to see high resolution images of the Apoko – Lips collection or inquire about pricing/purchasing options feel free to visit the website and get in touch.  We’ll be happy to help.

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New # 15: An Intriguing Nude Triptych

Hello again art lovers,

I just stopped in to share my new triptych titled Apoko – Lips # 15.  This set took a while to finish.  I think we did the photo shoot over a month ago, for christ sakes!  Some of you may recognize the figures and props from an earlier and very popular blog post.  If not, and you’re interested in seeing the pre processed photos just click  here.  Anyway, I really like where the 2015 work is headed.  It’s still focused on contemporary culture, technology and action interrupted by glitch, but with this piece, I’m looking at old ideas and pairing them with the modern equivalent.

I uploaded a large image of the full triptych and each individual section of the piece below.


Apoko – Lips #15

Acrylic, emulsion, transfer pencil, graphite, micron pen, oil pastel on watercolor paper, 2015

Enlarged Adaptation

UV inks on metal.


#15 Section 1


#15 Section 2


#15 Section 3

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.34.10 AM

In other news, the all new will be operational next week and will exclusively feature my new series Apoko – Lips.  For the next 7 days, I am offering you free shipping on any purchases of art created prior to 2014.   This offer ends March 25th at midnight.  If there’s a piece you’ve been considering, now’s a good time to grab it.

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Like Andy Kaufman, He Is A Tremendous Chaotic Force That Causes Calamity Simply Because He Exists.

apokolips_santa_two copy

Hello again dear readers,

Unless inspiration strikes, this may be my last blog post before the holidays, so I’ll say now that I hope everyone who celebrates has a great time.  I pop’d out the image above as a way to visually convey the  sentiment.  As for me, well, I’m remaining hopeful.  Last year around this time, I was in Los Angeles among the Krampus celebrants watching the general weirdness unfold while simultaneously exhibiting art at Copro Gallery with some very talented artists.  At the moment, I’m in Texas, braving the states shifty weather, avoiding tea party members and examining the DC character Bizarro.

That being said, I do most of my reading digitally these days, but I was going through my stash of tangible reads a while back and rediscovered SUPERBOY #8.  This isn’t an award-winning story as far as I know, but the sheer humor in the tale forced me set it aside for future use.  Fast forward a month later, and I found myself scanning my favorite parts of the issue.  The event was timely considering 2014 Miami Art Basil was just winding down and as usual, many people were complaining online about the content of the festival.

I have used the “Bizarro” symbol and mentality  off and on in my work for the last two years.  The symbol is often a backward “S” but for some reason in this issue the “S” is correct.  I don’t pretend to know why and I’m certainly not a Bizarro historian, so I won’t guess.  Anyway, in case you are unfamiliar with the lovable character, I’ll fill you in on my interpretation.  Bizarro is the complete opposite of Superman.  Bizarro isn’t really a villain, but like Andy Kaufman, he is a tremendous chaotic force that causes calamity simply because he exists.


Andy Kaufman

The above explanation is only my interpretation of the character.  You can probably find conflicting information on Bizarro.  With that being said, I’ve posted my favorite scans of the issue below for your enjoyment.  I also posted my most recent piece of art where I appropriated the Bizarro symbol.

It’s titled “The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”.


“Yes, But Am It Art?”


“Bizarro On Picasso”


“Bizarro On Abstract Expressionism”


“Bizarro Post Basil”

bigger_stronger_sub_b“The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”

Until next time,

Happy holidays to you.


Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill, Or You Can Take A 1/4 Teaspoon Of This & Release The Goddamn’d Kraken


Hello again dear readers,

I’ve been gearing up for the holidays much like anyone else.  Speaking of, I’m hoping all who celebrate will enjoy their selves and find fortune in the new year.

I’m stopping in to share a new piece.  I thought I was finished for the year after completing “Just Another Shit Head Attempt To Get Closer To God” but I was struck down with a vision for a new painting.  Fortunately for us all, my balls aren’t hung out like they were in the previous piece   I mentioned above.

I put in overtime and worked a little faster than usual on this one.  My son was good enough to pose with me for the photo shoot and afterward, the ideas I needed to enhance the composition visually came at a rapid rate.  I chalk it up to the mind expansion techniques I’ve been putting into action lately.  For me, the piece (Quite by accident) evokes a wee bit of Balthus, ol’ school pro wrestling, and a healthy dose of cosmic chaos to disrupt the monotony.


 A photo of Balthus taken in 1996 at his home in Switzerland during the film shoot of Balthus Through the Looking Glass.

The piece is titled

Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill, Or You Can Take A 1/4 Teaspoon Of This & Release The Goddamn’d Kraken”


Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, ballpoint pen, micron pen, graphite & Elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014


None of my new “Original” works are available on my website at the moment.  I am in the process of rebuilding it to exclusively feature the 2014 APOKO-LIPS series.

 For now, if you’d like to discuss limited edition prints of current 2014 work, feel free to email us at  

Until next time,



Reformed Whores, Unyielding Optimists, & Other, Otherwise Tortured Souls

Hello again dear readers,

I’m just stopping in to share my third and final rework of the 2013 “Minotaur As Avatar” watercolors.  This one started out as a ballpoint pen drawing I made while lounging with a group of reprobates who were looking for inner peace.  Yes, I used to carry my sketchbook along.  You’d be surprised what materializes from the subconscious while spending time amongst reformed whores, unyielding optimists, and other, otherwise tortured souls.

I’ve placed a photo of the new piece below.  I also uploaded the two previous incarnations of the concept along with the 3 new “Minotaur As Avatar” APOKO-LIPS reworks.

I hope you like them.  If not just remember, they’re spiritual in nature and GRID loves you, well, at least GRID does when GRID’S not in one of GRID’S “Psychotic” moods.


“Just Another Shit-Head Attempt To Get Closer To God”

Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, graphite, micron pen, ballpoint pen & Elmer’s Glue on watercolor paper, 2014


The 2013 incarnations of the concept.


The reworked “Minotaur As Avatar” Trilogy pieces, 2014.

None of my new “Original” works are available on my website at the moment.  I am in the process of rebuilding it to exclusively feature the 2014 APOKO-LIPS series.

 For now, if you’d like to discuss limited edition prints of current 2014 work, feel free to email us at  

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Think Pokemon Meets Nine Inch Nails & You Have A Hell Of A Correlation

Hello again dear readers,

I’m just stopping in to share the newest edition to my ongoing series APOKO-LIPS.  The piece is a rework of yet another piece I did early this year.  I reused a little of the same imagery but I added quite a bit and pretty much flipped it on its head to make it more literal.  I had my son make his hardest GANGSTA face while snapping a dozen photos.  I also used a shot of a Charizard figurine for the new composition.  I won’t go into much detail about what the piece means for me, but I’m sure you’ll form your own ideas about the art.

That being said, I posted the new angst-riddled, Pokemon themed work below along with the previous incarnation and a video where I made an attempt to capture the essence of the ideas behind the work.


Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, micron pen, ballpoint pen, graphite and Elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014


The piece above is a previous incarnation.  I guess the ideas weren’t through bouncing around in my head just yet.

And now for the fun part!

Oh, I almost forgot.  

Before I go, I wanted to let you folks know, I still have a handful of the super sexy “Naked Lunch” limited editions available.  The high quality print is a small edition of 10 and so grab one while you can.  to visit my shop, just click here.

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No Topless Models Where Injured + The Artist Kicking The Shit Out Of Cars

Hello again dear readers,

The latest edition to my ongoing series APOKO-LIPS is finished.  It’s a rework of a theme I’ve played around with a bit already.  I’ve been getting things together for the new website I’m building and realized that I just wasn’t happy with the theme’s previous incarnations.  The piece is titled “Portrait Of The Artist Kicking The Shit Out Of Cars #4”.  The piece is pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t go into much detail about how it came to be.  The expression of frustration in this work can be interchangeable and chances are, you can project your own frustrations into the composition.


Acrylic, emulsion, micron pen, ballpoint pen, graphite, oil pastel and Elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy shooting models and putting together new compositions for APOKO-LIPS.  One is another rework of a previous Pokemon themed piece titled “Burn It Down Charizard, Burn It All Down”.  Think Pokemon meets Nine Inch Nails.  I also just took photos for another Yves Klein inspired piece that will be a set of triptychs.  The shoot was at a rich gun nut’s house and thankfully, he had plenty of props and chunk laying around.

I’ve already started work on the paint-covered topless pieces and thankfully, I’m a better painter/designer than I am a photographer.






While we were at it, I took photos for another piece I had in mind, but sadly I don’t think it’s going to work out.  The outlandish costumes reminded me of a Primus video but that’s not the reason.  We started with the swimming pool scene and ended it with it, but by the time I slung paint across the buxom models chest, it was getting dark and the final photos didn’t come out so great.  It’s possible that I’ll be able to edit them in way were the final photos will be usable, but I doubt it.  None the less, I wanted to share at least one of them below.


Until next time,