The Old Fool: An Epic Tale To Enrich Painting

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I know, its been a while since I’ve posted a new blog entry.  I wish I could say that I’ve been painting for the duration of my M.I.A status, but I haven’t.  You see, I began painting the “Kakhati” art around the simple theme of laughter.  Kakhati is a Sanskrit word from ancient India that roughly translates into English as “Laugh out loud”.  Anyway, after working through a few pieces,  I felt like “Kakhati” could be enriched and possibly even flourish if a little more thought was thrown into the mix.  With this in mind, I attempted something new.  I wrote an epic for source material.

Don’t bet me wrong, I know other artists like William Blake, have been fond of combining their painting and writing talents to make more elaborate works, but I’ve never really utilized the combination.  Writing has always been one of my great hobbies and truthfully, I’ve probably written much more than I’ve painted this year, so it seemed natural to assimilate the hobby into my work.



I’ve only completed a few newer pieces and they’re  little more than quick studies, but now that my epic is finished, I have a treasure trove of rich, fanciful imagery stored up in the ol’ dream machine.  The tale centers around an amnesiac who lives alone on an island.  As a result of a frustrating, zen-like conversation with a hungry pelican that swooped down to steal his roasted fish, the amnesiac is charged with a perilous quest and dubbed the “Old fool”.  The old fool must find the black wolf that carries the stolen of bag of countless treasures.  Inside the bag are three items which will console the weeping dragon.



kakhati_spring_dragonAs you may be able to imagine, I am very excited about the upcoming paintings featuring a selection of imaginative scenes from the epic.  I’m still not sure whether I want to use oil paint for realism, or watercolor for a more whimsical approach to the imagery, so I’ll  probably do both.  A long-time friend and collector of my work phoned the other day, and after hearing about the project, he graciously offered to provide the funding for most of the supplies I needed.  I happily accepted the support, so it’ll only be a matter of time, before the old fool’s adventure is  translated into visual art.


To see other recently completed pastel studies and my current selection of work in watercolor, oil, mixed media, ect, please visit my website

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The Dr. Seuss/Cookie Monster Feel Contrasts With Esoteric Knowledge.

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great week and are as excited about Fall as I am!

I’ve been really going at it lately.  Currently, I have three new “Behold The Son Of GRID” pieces finished.  I plan to feature one of the allegorical paintings a week until I run out.  Hopefully by then, I’ll have more work to show.  This week’s featured piece is titled Apoko-Lips#23 – Behold The Son Of GRID #4.   It was created with watercolor, acrylic, graphite, ballpoint pen, micron pen, transfer pencil, colored pencil & collage.  I really like how the Dr. Seuss/Cookie Monster feel contrast with the esoteric knowledge that’s scribbled onto the background.



Apoko-Lips#23 – Behold The Son Of GRID (Detail)

After going through the laundry list of mediums I’ve been using to create these new works of art, I think I’ll elaborate on the collage areas a little.  A handful of people have asked about the contents of the collage pieces.  Basically, what I’ve done is slather black face paint on and then take high-resolution photos that can be enlarged to any size with out loosing resolution.  Next, I decide upon some symbolic ornaments for the face and create the pieces from construction paper.  Afterward these ornaments are scanned at high-resolution also, and I begin arranging them in a study like the one shown below.  After the painting part is complete and most importantly, dry, the decorated head/heads or collage into the work.


Apoko-Lips Barbarous Names – HAD-STEP-CRBL (Study)


HAD-STEP-CRBL Ornaments of horns/light bulb 

I hope you enjoyed the new piece.  If you are interested in this work, other additions to Apoko-Lips, or earlier works of art, feel free to visit my website and contact me.  I’ll be happy to help.  

As always, keep an eye out for a new blog post next Wednesday.  I’ll be featuring a new work of art (Detail below) and possibly a little insight into the piece.


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Free, High Resolution, Printable Holiday Card


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I hope you’re all jolly, warm, and fed.

After looking through cards at a retail store, I became disappointed and decided to make a hand-made holiday card for a family member. I think it turned out pretty cool, so I decided why not share it with everyone else. It’s a 300 dpi, high-resolution image. If you’d like to give this card to someone, simply visit the flickr link below, download it, print it out on paper or card stock, fold it in half and add your personal touch.

The image above is a low resolution jpeg of the card. To get my free, high-resolution, printable card just click


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NEW Book Now Available

Hello all,

I have a new book titled “Ckirk Art: I Can Paint With Anything” now available through Blurb.

This book is a collection of eclectic figurative drawings and paintings created using various media including watercolor, spray paint, oil, pastel, collage and more. This ongoing collection of work is a strangely beautiful mixture of myth, literature, evolution, anthropomorphism, pornography, Dr. Seuss, natural instincts, and the human experience.

You can preview the first 15 pages of the book and even purchase from the widget below.          

New at Red Propeller Gallery

Now available via Red Propeller Gallery

Hello all,

I’m happy to announce two of my new watercolors and one mixed media piece on canvas is now available via UK Gallery Red Propeller.

A few works form 2011 are still available as well.

Works can be viewed and purchased HERE.

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ckirk Updated With Several New Works

Hello all,

I’m pleased to announce that I have finally updated my website with some all new work as well as a handful of watercolors, pastels, and mixed media pieces completed earlier this year.  The all new whimsical watercolors “Sagittarius”, “It’s Like Having A Gun You Can Pet”, and two Dr. Seuss inspired pieces are up.   A few gestural watercolor heads,  two untitled compositions, a diptych titled “When The Musics’ Over”,  and three untitled drawings on builders paper have also been uploaded.  Finally three larger mixed media canvas pieces  titled “Thor”, “Popeye”, and “Leviathan” are also on display.

30 x 40″
Primer, Pastel, acrylic, spray paint, & collage on gallery profile canvas, 2012

These new works have been mixed  in with existing 2012 work and are now available for purchase on the “Selected Works” section of my website.   Just click HERE to be directed to the page.

In an effort to clean up my site a bit I have also added a new page titled  “Selected Earlier Works” to the home page of my site.  Works from 2010-2011 can be viewed HERE.  

I also removed the “Shop Big Cartel” link from the homepage, but a link to purchase limited edition prints  is still available here on my blog.

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These Things Will Not Bite You, 2012

Hello all,

I’ve been reading way too much Dr Seuss to my toddler!

These Things Will Not Bite You, 15 x 11″, Watercolor & ink on 140lb acid free, cold press Watercolor paper, 2012

It Is Fun To Have Fun But You Have To Know How, 11 x 15″, Watercolor & ink on 140lb acid free, cold press Watercolor paper, 2012