Like Andy Kaufman, He Is A Tremendous Chaotic Force That Causes Calamity Simply Because He Exists.

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Hello again dear readers,

Unless inspiration strikes, this may be my last blog post before the holidays, so I’ll say now that I hope everyone who celebrates has a great time.  I pop’d out the image above as a way to visually convey the  sentiment.  As for me, well, I’m remaining hopeful.  Last year around this time, I was in Los Angeles among the Krampus celebrants watching the general weirdness unfold while simultaneously exhibiting art at Copro Gallery with some very talented artists.  At the moment, I’m in Texas, braving the states shifty weather, avoiding tea party members and examining the DC character Bizarro.

That being said, I do most of my reading digitally these days, but I was going through my stash of tangible reads a while back and rediscovered SUPERBOY #8.  This isn’t an award-winning story as far as I know, but the sheer humor in the tale forced me set it aside for future use.  Fast forward a month later, and I found myself scanning my favorite parts of the issue.  The event was timely considering 2014 Miami Art Basil was just winding down and as usual, many people were complaining online about the content of the festival.

I have used the “Bizarro” symbol and mentality  off and on in my work for the last two years.  The symbol is often a backward “S” but for some reason in this issue the “S” is correct.  I don’t pretend to know why and I’m certainly not a Bizarro historian, so I won’t guess.  Anyway, in case you are unfamiliar with the lovable character, I’ll fill you in on my interpretation.  Bizarro is the complete opposite of Superman.  Bizarro isn’t really a villain, but like Andy Kaufman, he is a tremendous chaotic force that causes calamity simply because he exists.


Andy Kaufman

The above explanation is only my interpretation of the character.  You can probably find conflicting information on Bizarro.  With that being said, I’ve posted my favorite scans of the issue below for your enjoyment.  I also posted my most recent piece of art where I appropriated the Bizarro symbol.

It’s titled “The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”.


“Yes, But Am It Art?”


“Bizarro On Picasso”


“Bizarro On Abstract Expressionism”


“Bizarro Post Basil”

bigger_stronger_sub_b“The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”

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Happy holidays to you.



Fancy Words, Free Drinks Baby & The Berserker Rage….A Video

I had a great idea for a new watercolor painting called “Choose The Form Of The DestrucTor” after a rather lengthy phone conversation. Anyway, I believe that despite it’s feminine qualities, watercolor has made me the hormonal impulse control monster that I am today. It’s just so easy to quickly put whatever ludicrous idea I have down on paper and be done with it! If I ever let that ease and comfort transfer to my oil painting…I’ll be unstoppable.


Also, I finally created a new video to feature the work (Mostly watercolor) that I have finished in the last handful of months.  I hope you enjoy it and if so, feel free to comment or subscribe.

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Dry Time

dry time


I brought some oils upstairs to finish drying while I have other larger canvas pieces going down in the studio.




Recently I decided to create some art as an experiment. I wanted to see how my characters would hold up against more minimal backgrounds. I also wanted to explore the “Super hero” theme a bit deeper. I asked myself, “What would I do If one day I awoke with super powers?” I had to do a little work before I would really know the answer.

First up, is “Sonnets + C-4 Serenades”. It’s my third and largest painting with urbam contemporary artist THH70. The piece features THH70’s multi colored, chemically altered background, a hand drawn face, and his signature “witty” written text. I contributed some stenciled collage back ground and a hand painted image of my subverssive
Captain America” character holding a Wiley Coyote acme bomb.

Next up is “THE GREAT ESCAPE” with introduces a new “Wonder Woman” type character being confronted by an escaped convict wearing a captain america mask, an orange jumpsuit, and broken shackles. It has a real 1970’s Blaxploitation feel to it.

Third up is “THE INCREDIBLE” which features a larger than life “Hulk” like character smoking a cigar, sporting a COBRA Tshirt and holding a bag of stolen money.

Last but not least is “THE OL’ MIGHTY BASTERD”. Imagine The Mighty Thor, Old Dirty Bastard, the Unibomber, some paint, paste, a large magical wall paper brush and you have “THE OL’ MIGHTY BASTERD”! I love it. LOL!

After working through these pieces, I revisited my earlier question, “What would I do with super powers?” I’d like to say I’d use theM responsibly and that I’d save the day on a regular basis, but I can’t. After seeing all the character defects, short comings, and delusions of gradeur I packed into these paintings, I’d probably be an extreme example of self will run riot….in other words…I’d act a damn fool!!

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was right when he said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Nuff said!

All four of these pieces measure 30in” x 40in” and were created using mixed media, mixed technique and collage on stretched canvas, in 2009.

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