Like Andy Kaufman, He Is A Tremendous Chaotic Force That Causes Calamity Simply Because He Exists.

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Hello again dear readers,

Unless inspiration strikes, this may be my last blog post before the holidays, so I’ll say now that I hope everyone who celebrates has a great time.  I pop’d out the image above as a way to visually convey the  sentiment.  As for me, well, I’m remaining hopeful.  Last year around this time, I was in Los Angeles among the Krampus celebrants watching the general weirdness unfold while simultaneously exhibiting art at Copro Gallery with some very talented artists.  At the moment, I’m in Texas, braving the states shifty weather, avoiding tea party members and examining the DC character Bizarro.

That being said, I do most of my reading digitally these days, but I was going through my stash of tangible reads a while back and rediscovered SUPERBOY #8.  This isn’t an award-winning story as far as I know, but the sheer humor in the tale forced me set it aside for future use.  Fast forward a month later, and I found myself scanning my favorite parts of the issue.  The event was timely considering 2014 Miami Art Basil was just winding down and as usual, many people were complaining online about the content of the festival.

I have used the “Bizarro” symbol and mentality  off and on in my work for the last two years.  The symbol is often a backward “S” but for some reason in this issue the “S” is correct.  I don’t pretend to know why and I’m certainly not a Bizarro historian, so I won’t guess.  Anyway, in case you are unfamiliar with the lovable character, I’ll fill you in on my interpretation.  Bizarro is the complete opposite of Superman.  Bizarro isn’t really a villain, but like Andy Kaufman, he is a tremendous chaotic force that causes calamity simply because he exists.


Andy Kaufman

The above explanation is only my interpretation of the character.  You can probably find conflicting information on Bizarro.  With that being said, I’ve posted my favorite scans of the issue below for your enjoyment.  I also posted my most recent piece of art where I appropriated the Bizarro symbol.

It’s titled “The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”.


“Yes, But Am It Art?”


“Bizarro On Picasso”


“Bizarro On Abstract Expressionism”


“Bizarro Post Basil”

bigger_stronger_sub_b“The Problem With Getting Bigger & Stronger Is Your Dick Stays The Same Size”

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Happy holidays to you.



The perfect weapon to bring to a rumble or Jumbo’s Clown Room.



Hello again,

Los Angeles with pal Todd “THH70” Hirsch was a barrel of laughs yet again, but sadly I have returned to the land of big hair, imported culture, Rick “Mongoloid” Perry, and grown men who dress up as cowboys..even when it’s not Halloween.  We had tons of fun prior to visiting Copro Gallery for the “Naughty or Nice” exhibit.   The turn out was insane and the art looked great.

We ate a lot as Todd and I normally do.  Some son of a bitch taco truck even slipped us some Ghost Chili laced salsa.  That was brutal and the perfect weapon to bring to a rumble.  Anyway, I brought along my sketchbook this trip and did a handful of watercolors to entertain myself during downtime.  We even did our first collaborative piece since 2009.



 THH70 / Ckirk Collaboration – 2013 – 16 1/8 x 12 1/8″ – watercolor, ink, acrylic, graphite, coffee, lacquer on 300lb Arches paper.

for pricing & availability, email


“Somehow Jumbo’s Clown Room Wasn’t Quite What I Expected”

16 1/8 x 12 1/8″ – watercolor, ballpoint pen & acrylic, on 300lb Arches paper, 2013


“Crispy Pork Gang”

5 1/2 x 8 1/2″ watercolor & ballpoint pen on 65lb. sketchbook paper, 2012


“Tony Castro”

5 1/2 x 8 1/2″ watercolor & graphite on 65lb. sketchbook paper, 2012

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Finished My Contribution To Krampus Los Angeles

Hello all,

I very happy to announce that I finished my contribution to “Naughty or Nice” that will be held at Copro Gallery during “Krampus LA”.  There are a ton of artists exhibiting including Chet Zar, Bob Dobb, Luke Cheu, Travis Louie, and even Tim Burton!  Anyway, I had a very short deadline to get this piece painted.  I pretty much went non stop until it was complete.  Now I just have to let the oil dry for a few days and then get it shipped to the gallery.

I think I will title the piece “Ckirk As Krampus The Christmas Demon” or something like that.  I haven’t decided yet.  The piece measures 24 x 30″ and was painted with oil on gallery profile canvas.  I didn’t want to paint a normal representation of Krampus.  I figured I’d try to think outside the box instead.  Since I have been painting futuristic space gods of destruction in my recent “Apoko – Lips” oils, I thought it may be cool to try to translate the Christmas demon’s appearance into my recent theme. I’m very proud of the result of my labors.  I’m looking forward to learning how people receive my

re imagined Krampus.





Until next time,


Krampus L.A. @ Copro Gallery + New Hand-Made Print “Omega Effect”

Hello all,

I received word that I will be included in the “Naughty or Nice” group exhibition with Krampus L.A. which will be held at Copro Gallery.  There are a ton of artists exhibiting including Chet Zar, Bob Dobb, Luke Cheu, Travis Louie, and even Tim Burton!  I’m excited to be involved and have already began formulating ideas for my piece..that I have yet to paint.  I better get started.

In other news, I finished up a hand-made transfer print titled “Apoko – Lips Omega Effect”.  The inspiration for this piece came from reading the DC crossover event “Final Crisis” which I felt had so much potential yet disappointed me terribly.  Anyway, the print is one of a kind and is on 11 x 15″ 140lb acid-free watercolor paper.  The inspiration for this piece came from reading “Final Crisis” which I felt had so much potential yet disappointed me terribly.


“Omega Effect” is pretty sweet and is available HERE.

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Short Video Preview

Hello all,

I’m excited.  2012 is just around the corner so I decided to release this video short featuring a quick preview of works to come.  I’m hoping to do the official release and update my website sometime in february.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the video short.

Until next time,


“Black Christmas” at Copro Gallery

Hello all,

I’m just blogging to announce that I will have a never-before-seen collage piece in the “Black Christmas” group exhibit held at Copro Gallery.    I am very excited as this is the first time I have shown with Copro and the flyer above was advertised in Juxtapoz magazine.  The show has an all star line up and should prove to be an interesting blend of art.  “Black Christmas opens December 10 from 8 to 11:30 pm and runs through December 31.

Read the official Press Release HERE.

To see a preview of “Black Christmas” click HERE.

Until Next time,