New Apoko-Lips – The Bard Sings “Birds May Fly”

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I’ve been so busy, not to mention incredibly excited, because my brain has been on fire with concepts for new art works.  Toward the beginning of 2016, I felt like my long-term, now prophetic, series Apoko-Lips had come to its natural conclusion with the completion of the large-scale canvas titled “Excappare”, but recent events have shown me otherwise.  It seems Apoko-Lips isn’t through with me just yet.  I feel like the time is ripe for this work, but if I’m wrong, I suppose I’ll see it through anyway.


  Is the state of the world getting you down? Is all the blatant inversion of reality frying your brain, leaving you confused and/or mentally deranged? If so, this is one’s for you.

“Birds may fly,
And shit in your eye,
And you might shoot em’ down with a slingshot,
Cats may cry,
Keep you up all night,
Meowing outside in the park,
And you may sip your milk,
And if your milk is spilt,
Do your best not to cry,
But if you do,
Just think of me,
And laugh until you’re high,
HA, HA, HA, HA!”


Apoko-Lips – The Bard Sings “Birds May Fly”
Photography, construction paper, grease paint, rubber clown nose, Yamaha keyboard, inkjet, scanner, appropriated image of red crowned cranes, and photoshop text, 2017

I won’t say too much at the moment, but I’m experimenting  with story lines and new methods to expand on previous additions of Apoko-Lips such as “Behold The Son Of GRID”, “The M.R. MIRACLE MYTHOS” As shown above, I’m also adding a new addition titled “The Bard Sings”.   These exciting new pieces won’t be on my website for a while,


For information and availability concerning the Apoko-Lips series click here.  For information on my current selection of art feel free to contact me via my website. 


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BIG mothafuckin’ CKIRK moving SALE Through April 6, 2014





Through April 6, 2014


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Human Preliminaries Popping up!

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I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know there are a couple preliminary works for my upcoming “Human” Collection that have popped up and are available for purchase.  These works measure 8 1/2″ by 11″, were created using charcoal, prisma, and tape on 150lb. acid free card stock.  Despite the differences in amount of detail and media, these works were crucial in developing the look and techniques applied to my “Human” Collection.  

“Human Preliminary #3” is available via 5 Pieces Gallery in Switzerland and can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Also, don’t forget to check out the other works I have available through 5 PIECES GALLERY.

“Human Preliminary #2” is available through and can be viewed by clicking HERE.  While you’re there, check out other works I have available via Daily Art Fixx.

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Drawings To Keep The Blood Flowing

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It’s been 100 plus degrees for almost 40 days straight.  I can’t tolerate the heat so I have abandoned my studio until Fall.  Last summer I didn’t even pick up a pencil but,… that approach proved to create some difficulty for me once it was time to start painting again.  This summer I want to keep the blood flowing so I’ve been doing some drawings and studies upstairs in the AC to pass the time.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

ckirk, “Wrath Study 1″ 9 x 12”, charcoal & tape on paper, 2011

ckirk, “The Smoker”, 18 x 24″, charcoal, prism, & tape on paper, 2011

ckirk, “Omens & Jackals”, 18×24″, charcoal, prisma, & tape on paper, 2011

ckirk, “Fear Of Wolves”, 24 x 18″, charcoal & tape on paper, 2011

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The Creation of “Abundance” 2011

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