An Aging Bard + Commissions + Wunderbar

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I’ve rather fortunate with sales lately and I’m really happy about.  My recent prosperity couldn’t have come at a better time.  Last week, I sold the original pastel drawing “An Aging Bard” to a wonderful art collector in Dallas.  The image received quite a bit of attention on social media and has also spawned an additional two commissions. One of the commissions is for a fellow brother of briar in South Carolina and another will be headed to  Stockholm Sweden.


In other news, I just finished up a pastel rendering of the mask used in the infamous “Wunderbar” photo shoot with the self-proclaimed Amy Boobies.  The photos were used to create the 2014 Apoko-Lips triptych of the same name.  I’m hoping to do a full body rendering in oil paint at some point.  We’ll see.


To see other recently completed pastel studies and my current selection of work in watercolor, oil, mixed media, ect, please visit my website

   Until next timehave a great week.



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New Figure study “Siren” + Old Visceral Charcoal Drawings + Print Orders + Sold Archetype

Hello again art lovers,

I hope all is well in your worlds.

I’m well.  I sold a few works, landed a nice commission, and began some new pastel studies on builder’s paper which I haven’t quite finished yet.  Among the pieces recently sold was a favorite of mine.  It was an early 2013 addition to the Apoko-Lips series titled “The Occupation” and in retrospect, it showed that the Trickster archetype that Carl Jung wrote about was in full swing.   Before boxing the piece up for shipping, I took the opportunity to snap a higher quality photo which you can see below.


I also have some new print inquiries.  I figured I’ll take this opportunity to make limited editions available once again for a limited time.  I will be taking new print orders until Wednesday May 4th, 2016.  You can see pieces available in print form by clicking here.  If you’d like to order a limited edition print, please email me from the “Contact” page of my website.

Below – My lovely wife with a packaged 18 x 24″ limited edition print  “Portrait of the Artist Kicking The Shit Out Of Cars”


In other news, I recently went through my art storage and came across a few different collections of studies from 2010.  These studies were created with charcoal, and chalk on 18 x 24″ paper.  They are very visceral and moody.  I shot high quality images of the work and have listed them on the “Shop” page of my website.  I attached one of the pieces below, but if you liked to see the other three, please visit my shop.  If you would like to see high quality or detail photos of the 2010 studies, please contact me from my website.


I’ll end by mentioning that I have completed my 4th pastel study on builder’s paper.  I have no idea exactly what I will do with the images.  Maybe I’ll use them for reference on future oil paintings.  Right now, I’m just enjoying the process of creating the figure studies.  Its been a long time since I’m worked on toned paper and I have to admit, I really love the contrast between the monochromatic figures and the warm brown of the paper.  Below is the recently finished pastel study “Siren #1”.


To see other recently completed pastel studies and my current selection of work in watercolor, oil, mixed media, ect, please visit my website

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Tossing Litter From The Synchronicity Highway

Hello again art lovers!

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I did.  I took a break from restful days and spent a couple of them hammering out an eclectic mixture of overdue tasks.  The new-found access to different aspects of my personality (A sort of controlled schizophrenia) seems to have major benefits.  Selecting the proper program with the proper function for the proper situation has reduced stress, increased productivity/fun, and helped communication exchanges become more transparent and effective…at least for the time being.

Anyway, I finished up the art work and scans for “The Tale Of Moby Dickhead: A Heart Warming Story Of Life Finding A Way Despite Evolution”.  Originally, I intended for my 5 year-old son to do the art work but he refused to cooperate.  Go figure.  I attempted to have the drawings viewable in 3D, but it didn’t work out quite the way I hoped.  Despite the art not going exactly to plan, I do enjoy reading the story quite a bit…especially when orating as the acclaimed English actor/narrator John Hurt.  Oh, that’s right!  I forgot to mention that as long as the readers imagination is healthy, the story is interactive!


“The Tale Of Moby Dickhead” will be available for your reading pleasure next wednesday, June 24, 2015.


Also this week, A long time collector of my work named Lisa has commissioned me to paint over the faces of a commission she commissioned from me years ago.  She’s become enamored with painting over parts of paintings so I’ll oblige her and paint.  More news on this later, but for now, I’ll mention that I spent considerable minutes tweaking the information on the information page of my website.  Information is now as accurate as possible in current space – time.  If you love to eat information and desire more click here.


In other news, I packed up the pieces of a major sale!  That’s right, a 30 x 40″ canvas and a limited edition Deluxe Set  of Apoko – Lips 2014 prints will shortly be in route to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.


If that wasn’t good enough, the mass of art was purchased and will be exhibited by Clay, a long-time friend and collector of my work who has returned to the island to reopen the Seven Minus Seven Gallery!


I’ll post more news about exhibit dates as soon as I have them.


I’m thrilled.  In my experience, it’s pretty rare nowadays for the gallery to purchase an artist’s work prior to exhibiting it.  Clay dances to the beat of a different drum in a lot of ways though.  That being said, the limited edition Apoko – Lips Deluxe Set is a collection of 13 high quality prints and was meant to come in a customized container of some kind.  Because of the fast approaching exhibit, the collector needed the art before I could get the specs for the container worked out.  I originally envisioned a decommissioned bazooka missile painted pink to contain the set of prints.  I’m not sure if this is doable though.  I’ll find out and let you know.


If you would like to view high-quality images of my Apoko – Lips collection, inquire about options or pricing visit my website and shoot me an email.  I’ll be happy to help.


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More Collector Photos & The Installation of 1st Metal Apoko – Lips Prototype

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great couple of weeks!

I feel pretty happy and grateful.  I had some amazing things happen over the last two weeks.  I also had a few horrible things take place, but let’s focus on the positive!  Once again, I don’t have a new piece to show you, but I do have some exciting news and a few more collector photos to share.

A couple of weeks ago I sold, delivered and installed my first Apoko – Lips prototype on metal!  The piece couldn’t have went to a better fellow in my opinion.  Bill is a soft-spoken gentle guy who has been collecting my work off and on since around 2006 or 7.  Now days there are plenty of art lovers who purchase work from me again and again, which is awesome, but Bill was one of my first “Repeat” collectors, so I’m elated by his continued love of my ever evolving art.  




Bill posing with the first prototype on metal titled

“Portrait of the artist kicking the shit out of cars”

It was great delivering the two pieces and seeing Bill again.  I was also able to revisit a few of my other works that Bill has collected over the years.  I brought along my camera to grab a few shots of Bill with the work…and of his modern living area which will no doubt be used as composites in future art pieces.


Bill with his “Batman” piece I created way back when I still used stencils, 06 or 07 most likely.  It was the first piece Bill purchased from me.


“Smoking Women” is a mixed media/collage piece I created in 2010


The purchase of the metal prototype would’ve been enough but Bill also grabbed a smaller piece titled “Sigil Magic” that I created in 2014 while working out the methods I would later use for the Apoko – Lips series.


“Sigil Magic” after framing.  Photo by Bill.


Until next time,


Seeing My Art In People’s Homes Brightens My Day

Hello again art lovers,

All is well.  I don’t have a new piece to share this morning,  but I did sell one of my favorite watercolors last weekend.  The piece sold to a nice collector in New York who has acquired a few of my pieces over the years.  She’s been kind enough to send photos of the framed pieces.  Seeing my art in people’s homes pretty much always brightens my day,  So thank you Lisa.


“Ed Harris As Picasso Playing Popeye”, 2013


“Horsecock” framed in collector’s home.


Another piece framed in collector’s home.  I’m not sure when this piece was made, but it’s old.  I do remember that it was created with spray paint and charcoal.  It’s great to see the piece again!

Until next time,


The Artist As Mythological Sex Machine

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you are well.

I’ve had a decent week.  Last week was good to.  I sold the 2012 watercolor “Horsecock” to a wonderful collector in New York.  I revisited the centaur theme in 2013 with the collage “Portrait Of The Artist As  Mythological Sex Machine”.  The collage sold in 2014 to a gent in L.A.  Anyway, after realizing my centaur pieces were both in new homes, I’m considering the idea of exploring the theme once again.  I think a new version would fit beautifully into Apoko-Lips.


“Horsecock” 2012


“Portrait Of The Artist As Mythological Sex Machine” 2013

Until next time,


Family Portraits, Vagina Commissions, & Gozer Limited

Hello again dear readers,

I hope you’ve all had an excellent week.

I have been absolutely swamped as you may remember me mentioning in the last blog entry “There & Back Again By Dildo Braggins”.  Since then, I’ve finished up a commissioned family portrait of a couple of standup comedians and the poor women who puts up with them on a daily basis.  This presumably saintly women is named Kenna and it was her birthday last week.  Soon after her husband Steve picked it up the canvas from my studio, he sent me a photo of her holding the canvas and mentioned that it would be taking up prime real estate in their bedroom.


“Meet The Herndons”

Oil, acrylic, emulsion & collage on canvas, 2015


Happy Birthday Kenna

After the family portrait was finished, I immediately started on the next commission in line.  It’s an interesting one where I am charged with the task of making a composition from five separate vaginas.  This is all at the buyer’s request, of course. Some of you may want to stay tuned for it.

I’m calling it “V5” for now.


In other news, we shipped out a box full of original art and a couple of the “Gozer” limited edition prints to the United Kingdom earlier today.  Actually, there’s not many of the “Gozer” prints left, so if you’d like to grab your very own “Gozer” before they’re gone forever, feel free to email me at

For originals, please visit my website

Until next time,