Dos Anos Kundalini Raising, Jailed, Hotel Surfing, Homeless, & Finally, The New Studio

Hello again art lovers,

I hope all is well in your world.

I have to admit that I’m elated at the moment.  I’ve again, been experiencing that old, familiar exhilaration that comes along with painting. I believe I’m enjoying the process even more than usual, probably because the possibility of painting was removed from my life for while.

After two years of what I can only describe as a mind-blowing “Kundalini raising” experiment, I found myself fleeing my studio, jailed, hotel surfing, homeless, then on my mother-in-laws couch for a spell.  Fortunately, remaining calm in the face of adversity eventually earned a few nights in fine hotels and being able to celebrate Valentines Day in style.


 If a handful of body oil cheese cake parties wasn’t enough to be grateful for, then being able to say that I’m now in a new studio, and have began working again on the piece I started last December, certainly is.


I began the piece in oil paint, but it had LONG since dried.


I didn’t want to ruin the work done during the December session, so I grabbed a chalk pencil, then brought out more definition with conte crayon.

  The piece isn’t quite finished yet, but considering the glee I’m experiencing, it will be completed very soon.  Until then, here’s a peek.


Work in progress, oil, conte crayon, graphite & latex (Applied with female breasts) on canvas, 2015 – 2016


I’ll finish up by mentioning that during my time in purgatory,  I was fortunate enough to receive plenty of ideas of how to translate my experiences into new art and had a ballpoint pen and sketchbook handy.  As I mentioned in my last blog entry, some of the ideas were recorded as songs, or poems to be painted at a later date.  Others came simply as images.  Needless to say, I think I’ll be working non-stop for a while.


Study – “When It Spoke, I Took Notes & This Is What It Say”, 2016

Until next time, have a great week!




The Son Of GRID


Mister Miracle

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New # 14, The Return Of Amy Boobies & HTML Hell

Hello again art lovers,

I have many projects in the works but I’ve finally completed my first piece of 2015.  The APOKO – LIPS series is composed of different aspects.  Aside from making an attempt to reflect contemporary culture and life lived through high-tech touch screens; action has been a paramount focus,  well, more like action interrupted by glitch.  Anyway, where movement is concerned, I wanted to raise the bar with my new #14.


“Apoko – Lips # 14”

Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, transfer pencil, graphite, micron pen on watercolor paper, 2015


2014 photo shoot for an Apoko – Lips triptych

Speaking of pieces in the works, the much-loved and ever popular Amy Boobies will be returning for an all new project!  She’s a lot of fun to work with and I’m really excited about it.  I would’ve blogged about the “Amy” project sooner, but I only just emerged from three days stuck in html hell.  On the bright side though, my new website is finally built!  There’s a little tweaking to do, but it’s pretty much finished.  I still have the  site hidden for now, but stay tuned.  Pretty soon the all new will be operational!

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.34.10 AM

Until next time,