New # 14, The Return Of Amy Boobies & HTML Hell

Hello again art lovers,

I have many projects in the works but I’ve finally completed my first piece of 2015.  The APOKO – LIPS series is composed of different aspects.  Aside from making an attempt to reflect contemporary culture and life lived through high-tech touch screens; action has been a paramount focus,  well, more like action interrupted by glitch.  Anyway, where movement is concerned, I wanted to raise the bar with my new #14.


“Apoko – Lips # 14”

Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, transfer pencil, graphite, micron pen on watercolor paper, 2015


2014 photo shoot for an Apoko – Lips triptych

Speaking of pieces in the works, the much-loved and ever popular Amy Boobies will be returning for an all new project!  She’s a lot of fun to work with and I’m really excited about it.  I would’ve blogged about the “Amy” project sooner, but I only just emerged from three days stuck in html hell.  On the bright side though, my new website is finally built!  There’s a little tweaking to do, but it’s pretty much finished.  I still have the  site hidden for now, but stay tuned.  Pretty soon the all new will be operational!

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.34.10 AM

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Bill Hicks Virus



“Bill Hicks Virus”

8 1/2″ x 11″
acrylic transfer, graphite, oil & elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014

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magic, masturbation, conceptual art, and super hero strength morphed into angst and aimed at society

Hello again everybody,

It seems I’ve finally slipped back into the rapid-fire cognitive condition that I’ve missed so much these last few months.  All week my brain has been bombarded with one idea after another.  I’m not saying all the concepts I’ve had pour into my cranium over the last week are great ideas but matters of taste, relevance, and quality are totally subjective to each individual viewer.   That being said, I single out the themes that interest me the most personally and then find a way to bring them to fruition.

I’ve worked mostly with printmaking this week.  It seemed to be the quickest way to get the ideas across. I really enjoy the process and I’ve been experimenting with methods of abstracting or messing areas up without ruining the image.  The themes of the most recent works vary from magic, masturbation, conceptual art, and super hero strength morphed into angst and aimed at society.

Might I remind you that just because these ideas have sprung from my head and are now material, that in no way reflects on my personal practices, beliefs, opinions or tastes.  For example, one would get the impression from the first image seen below that I dislike conceptual art and play at making fun of the genre.  That deduction would be absolutely wrong.  

I happen to like conceptual art.


“I should’ve robbed a bank before attempting conceptual art”

11 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, oil, graphite, gel, and acrylic transfer on acid-free recycled watercolor paper, 2014


“Portrait of the artist kicking the shit out of cars”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, acrylic transfer & tape on 150lb acid-free card, 2014


“Sigil magic is the fun-nest magic”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, acrylic transfer, ballpoint pen & oil pastel on 150lb acid-free card, 2014

After completion, I found the piece “Sigil magic is the fun-nest magic” was a sort of filthy less lyrical throwback to my mentor THH70.  I assure it, it was purely coincidental or perhaps my subconscious at work.  Sorry T.

Until next time,