New Art + Limited “Venus” Editions + The Summer Sale

Hello again art lovers.

I hope all is well in your worlds.

I’ve been pretty busy, so I have a lot to cover in this blog entry, but I’ll keep it as brief as possible.

Summer is here and to celebrate, I have decided to have a “Summer Sale” on art works. Works in the “Summer Sale Facebook album will be temporarily  discounted From Wednesday July 13, 2016 until midnight on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016.  


 Some pretty nice pieces  like this 2012 oil painting titled “47′” are available.

To See what is else specially priced. just click here.  If you see anything you like, personal message me on Facebook or email me via 



Next up, I have two new “Siren” pastel studies completed.  I have quit a few more left undone, but I think they’ll have to wait a while.  That being said, I have really enjoyed working with the medium and imagery.


And finally, by popular demand, I have decided to offer high-quality. limited edition prints of the “Venus#1” watercolor study.  The edition size extremely limited at only 15 prints mid-sized made available.

 I have a feeling these editions will go quickly, so please contact me via for inquiries. 



To see other recently completed pastel studies and my current selection of work in watercolor, oil, mixed media, ect, please visit my website

Until next timehave a great week.



⇑⊕ ⊕⇓ 


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