A New Higher-Quality Image Of Re Imagining GOZER

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I became bogged down on the study for my last oil painting.  I’m glad I didn’t actually start squeezing paint out of the tube and smearing it on canvas yet, because since then, I’ve totally reworked the composition.  Anyway, I used some of the down time to re photograph some older pieces.  I’ve been wanting to re shoot quite a bit of my older work ever since purchasing a new camera over a year ago, so I’m pleased that I finally managed to get to the task. Below is a higher quality image of “Re Imaging Gozer”.  The camera captured a lot more of the detail, heavy smears of oil paint, and the vinyl/paper collage underneath.  Take a look.


In other news, the recent studies I found from 2010 will be on sale a little longer before being taken down.  These works have never been featured on my website and are available for a limited time.  They’re visceral, moody and on sale on my shop page.


For recent works, please visit my website ckirkart.com.  To view older art pieces, take a look at the

“Earlier Works” page of my website.

Until next time, have a great week.



⇑⊕ ckirkart.com ⊕⇓ 


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