Fox Full Of Wind

Hello again art lovers,

I hope this week has been good for you.

I finished up a piece for the new “MR MIRACLE Mythos” arm of my Apoko-Lips series.  I’m low on canvas, so I painted over an old canvas that I had played over for the last two years.  Because of this, the texture was so rough, that initially , I had a great deal of trouble.  I pretty much wrote it off as a failure last week and went back to the drawing board with charcoal and paper.  I figured I would hash out the theme a bit more and pick the oil painting up once I had a new canvas to work on.  I’m compulsive once I initiate a painting, so of course, I started work on the piece again.  After a bit of playing around, I found a way to adjust to the rough canvas.  I’m reasonably happy with how the new work turned out.


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 9 x 12″, textured paper, 2016


Study – Apoko-Lips#27, charcoal, chalk on 18 x 24″, smooth bristol, 2016

ckirk_twentyseven_bFor other recent works, visit  If you wold like to see a selection of earlier works, click here.

Until next time, have a great week.




The Son Of GRID


MR Miracle

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