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Hello again art lovers,

1 hope you enjoyed reading last week’s blog post The Tale Of Moby Dickhead as much as 1 enjoyed writing it.  This week’s post focuses on a brand new triptych!  This seems to be the first piece of art 1 have made for the Apoko – Lips collection in about two months and it allowed use of some new photography/emulsion techniques.  The piece also gave me an excuse to get naked, shave my head, and put on my smiley face war paint once again.  The triptych is titled “Access Program Legion Pathway Boom Tube” and seems to be a record of recent experiments, experiences, and revelations.  Admittedly, 1 employed the tools of exaggeration and drama quite a bit while arranging the symbols that tell this story.


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 1


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 2


Apoko – Lips#18 Section 3


 1 mentioned in Refresh Dream Machine Pathway Odinsleep that 1 do not plan to bog down this art blog with the cooky results or explanations gathered and symbolized in art work.  However, if you like to think different (1 don’t mean simply buying a Mac) and would like a fun book list, give us a shout from  1 have a mountain of ebooks by different authors that 1 have read over the last couple of years and 1 will be happy to share them with you for free.  Don’t fret,  1 haven’t become a complete fruit loop. Rhonda Byrne’s repetitive and not so secret book “The Secret” isn’t in the list!


As always, if you would like to see high resolution images of the Apoko – Lips collection or inquire about pricing/purchasing options feel free to visit the website and get in touch.  We’ll be happy to help.

Until next time,




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