Family Portraits, Vagina Commissions, & Gozer Limited

Hello again dear readers,

I hope you’ve all had an excellent week.

I have been absolutely swamped as you may remember me mentioning in the last blog entry “There & Back Again By Dildo Braggins”.  Since then, I’ve finished up a commissioned family portrait of a couple of standup comedians and the poor women who puts up with them on a daily basis.  This presumably saintly women is named Kenna and it was her birthday last week.  Soon after her husband Steve picked it up the canvas from my studio, he sent me a photo of her holding the canvas and mentioned that it would be taking up prime real estate in their bedroom.


“Meet The Herndons”

Oil, acrylic, emulsion & collage on canvas, 2015


Happy Birthday Kenna

After the family portrait was finished, I immediately started on the next commission in line.  It’s an interesting one where I am charged with the task of making a composition from five separate vaginas.  This is all at the buyer’s request, of course. Some of you may want to stay tuned for it.

I’m calling it “V5” for now.


In other news, we shipped out a box full of original art and a couple of the “Gozer” limited edition prints to the United Kingdom earlier today.  Actually, there’s not many of the “Gozer” prints left, so if you’d like to grab your very own “Gozer” before they’re gone forever, feel free to email me at

For originals, please visit my website

Until next time,



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