Reformed Whores, Unyielding Optimists, & Other, Otherwise Tortured Souls

Hello again dear readers,

I’m just stopping in to share my third and final rework of the 2013 “Minotaur As Avatar” watercolors.  This one started out as a ballpoint pen drawing I made while lounging with a group of reprobates who were looking for inner peace.  Yes, I used to carry my sketchbook along.  You’d be surprised what materializes from the subconscious while spending time amongst reformed whores, unyielding optimists, and other, otherwise tortured souls.

I’ve placed a photo of the new piece below.  I also uploaded the two previous incarnations of the concept along with the 3 new “Minotaur As Avatar” APOKO-LIPS reworks.

I hope you like them.  If not just remember, they’re spiritual in nature and GRID loves you, well, at least GRID does when GRID’S not in one of GRID’S “Psychotic” moods.


“Just Another Shit-Head Attempt To Get Closer To God”

Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, graphite, micron pen, ballpoint pen & Elmer’s Glue on watercolor paper, 2014


The 2013 incarnations of the concept.


The reworked “Minotaur As Avatar” Trilogy pieces, 2014.

None of my new “Original” works are available on my website at the moment.  I am in the process of rebuilding it to exclusively feature the 2014 APOKO-LIPS series.

 For now, if you’d like to discuss limited edition prints of current 2014 work, feel free to email us at  

Until next time,




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