My Latest Interdimensional Art Work Featuring Self-Proclaimed Amy Boobies

Hello again dear readers,

I hope everyone, who celebrated, had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  We had fun.  My wife even fed me pumpkin cheese cake in bed.  The ritual is something we do on certain holidays.  This particular time was different though.  Fast forward an hour or so after and I felt like I was going to puke.  The feeling conjured up Danny Glover’s famous line from the Lethal Weapon movies.


All that being said, I recently finished two pieces that I started over a month ago.  One is a triptych and the other is not.  The photography I take to create my APOKO – LIPS pieces are rarely put out for public consumption, but I did make an exception for the photographs taken to create the triptych.  For people who follow my blog, you may remember them.  They were of a nude women (The self-proclaimed Amy Boobies)masked with a rabbit head smearing a canvas with large paint covered breasts.   The photo session was very popular with online viewers as you can imagine.

Feel free to give the post a look if you missed it.  Just click



Anyway, I would’ve finished the triptych up sooner but I struggled for a title.  Sure, I had ideas but they were too straight forward and gave away too many of the concepts behind the work.  The concepts began to change,  (Grow is a better word really) quite a bit in the last month.  I experienced a handful of weird synchronicities that I could relate to the imagery.  I chalk it up to reestablished interdimensional contact.  For your sakes, I won’t go into detail.



Size yet to be determined, Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, ballpoint pen, micron pen, graphite & Elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014

I will be making high-quality limited edition prints of “Wunderbar”, so let me know if you’d like the size and price information.  Email all inquiries to


“Just Another Shit Attempt To Get Closer To God” 

2013 pen sketch & watercolor.

Like I mentioned above, I finished another separate piece, but I’ll blog about it another time.  I also shot the photography and completed the initial collage study for another piece yesterday.  It’s titled “Just Another Shit Head Attempt To Get Closer To God”.  It will be the third and final rework of the 2013“Minotaur As Avatar” watercolor pieces that I began recreating earlier this year.  Strangely enough, it’s also the final piece that I have planned for 2014 as well.  Sure, I have a sketchbook full of more ideas than I can count, but most of the concepts have not been fully realized just yet and the ones that have aren’t necessarily good ideas.  I’m not so deluded that I believe my “Dream Machine” is infallible or that every idea I generate should be broadcast visually for the masses.  Maybe once I believed such things were true, but in my defense, I was slightly drunk on Jim Beam most of time.

With that, I’ll say goodbye for now.

Until next time,



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