When The Idea First Came About I Was Just Coming Off A 3 Year Stenciling Addiction & Was Really Starting To Lose My Shit PART DEUX

Hello again dear readers,

As you may know,  I was recently looking through my stash for some works to be shipped to the UK.  I was surprised to find the studies for my SOLD out 2009 series “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”!  I had totally forgotten about them.

The series was a mesh of mixed media and collage on mostly 30 x 40″ canvas with an amoral/confessional super hero theme.  When the idea first came about I was just coming off of a three-year stencil addiction and I wanted to do something different.  “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” eventually manifested itself as primarily hand drawn work but it all started with the recently found stencil/collage pieces.

I decided to put a selection of the studies on sale for a limited time.  They SOLD OUT within the hour!

This week I listed a few more.  I believe these studies were probably the first or second phase I created while working out the idea for “W.G.P.C.G.R”.

Below is “Dolla Bill” from 2009


The 2009 “W.G.P.C.G.R” studies will only be available until Thursday, November 20th,

so check out this piece and see what other studies that are on sale at my SHOP.

Until next time,




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