Hello again dear readers,

I’m just stopping in to share some good news.  I recently sold the self-portrait (Below) that I created for a show in St. Thomas back in 2010.  It sold to a wonderful collector in the UK.  I believe it was created with charcoal, pastel and tape.  I keep everything organized and hidden away until they sale, so it was good to see the piece after the last few years.

Considering it’s where my art really began to take off and sale for good prices, it’s really GREAT to still be getting love from the United Kingdom.  This is the second piece of art I sold last week to folks across the pond.   It’s also nice to see how things have progressed.  For instance.  I made the self-portrait below during a year where I concentrated mainly of learning a refreshing or renewing myself with traditional media and techniques.  The piece under the drawing is also a type of self-portrait.  It’s much more concept and process driven than the charcoal drawing but I feel it wouldn’t exist without the refresher in traditional media techniques.


Also, I think I may have blogged about the new limited edition printing last week but I can’t remember so I’ll mention it again.  

I will am releasing 10, high quality, limited edition prints of “Portrait Of The Artist Kicking The Shit Out Of Cars #4” I’ve already SOLD one so there will only be 9 available. I’m contacting the Printer on today so if you’d love to own one of the limited editions or get more info, let me know. You can email me at

Below is a photo “Portrait Of The Artist Kicking The Shit Out Of Cars #4”. 
To see all the texture and detail, click the image a second time.


Until next time,



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