Think Pokemon Meets Nine Inch Nails & You Have A Hell Of A Correlation

Hello again dear readers,

I’m just stopping in to share the newest edition to my ongoing series APOKO-LIPS.  The piece is a rework of yet another piece I did early this year.  I reused a little of the same imagery but I added quite a bit and pretty much flipped it on its head to make it more literal.  I had my son make his hardest GANGSTA face while snapping a dozen photos.  I also used a shot of a Charizard figurine for the new composition.  I won’t go into much detail about what the piece means for me, but I’m sure you’ll form your own ideas about the art.

That being said, I posted the new angst-riddled, Pokemon themed work below along with the previous incarnation and a video where I made an attempt to capture the essence of the ideas behind the work.


Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, micron pen, ballpoint pen, graphite and Elmer’s glue on watercolor paper, 2014


The piece above is a previous incarnation.  I guess the ideas weren’t through bouncing around in my head just yet.

And now for the fun part!

Oh, I almost forgot.  

Before I go, I wanted to let you folks know, I still have a handful of the super sexy “Naked Lunch” limited editions available.  The high quality print is a small edition of 10 and so grab one while you can.  to visit my shop, just click here.

Until next time,



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