Yves’ Angels, Minotaurs As Avatars, Soft Machines & Jealous Girlfriends Destroy Nude Art

Hello again dear readers,

I’m happy.  It’s been an incredibly busy week.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like to stay busy with errands and the other adult stuff that causes an otherwise rational human being to consider blowing his or her fucking head off, but thankfully there wasn’t too much of that over the last few days.  No, I stayed busy with my work which is an endeavor that generally keeps me sated with life while creating at least,  and insures that I stay reasonably sane.

Anyway enough of the introduction.  After working on the pieces off and on since last year,  I finally finished up the initial studies for the 7 trumpeting angels that make their fabulous entrance after the opening of the 7th seal.  The imagery I assembled is very literal and showcases for me at least, how unbelievable the whole concept seems when it’s taken literally. I tried to remove all the fear/creep-factor that’s associated with the subject out of the equation so that all you have left is simply a modern artist’s interpretation of the literal imagery, which kind of looks like something you’d see in a comic book. Of course, I’ve added Jack Kirby/New Gods-style apparatus and made sure the angels all had shaved vaginas, but that’s neither here nor there. I also decided to reference the blue stylings of Yves Klein.

I’ll get imagery for the angel pieces up on the ol’ blog once I have them.

If that wasn’t enough, I also completed two other studies which are re-workings of my highly popular 2013 watercolors “Once Day There Will Be Theme Music Everywhere I Go” and “Flying Minotaurs Worry Not While Water ballooning Old Ladies”.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on and on about more work that I don’t  yet have photographs to show you. Instead I’ll tell you about my most recent commission.


Minotaur As Avatar 2013 watercoors that I’m currently reworking.

The commission was for a cool guy that has collected work from me since 2008.  Anyway, the last work he acquired from me was three tasteful collages made from tons of Playboy Magazine content.  Unfortunately, his previous girlfriend became jealous of the commissioned nudes and in a frenzy preceded to utterly destroy them.  Fortunately, his new lady is much more stable and cool.  She commissioned me to recreate his favorite of the original pieces for his 27th birthday.  There was no way I could have surfaced with an identical replacement so I used some printmaking skills to replicate the deceased piece instead.

The collector was very happy and completely surprised by the birthday gift.


“Sapp’s Pop’d”, 2014

Bare with me; this is the last bit of news below. I promise.

 This week, I was strumming through some of my older works and located some paintings and drawings from 2011.  I decided to arrange the pieces as 4 separate diptychs.  The pieces are done in charcoal and mixed media.  Most are on paper or bristol but the piece below, “Soft Machines” is on two separate canvas’.

I have temporarily put these pieces up for sale at a discounted price.  


“Soft Machines”, 2011

To see what else is on sale, check out my shop page by clicking HERE.

Until next time,




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