Pretty Ladies From Lui – An Old Work Made Available

Hello again dear readers and happy Monday,

I know what you’re thinking.  What’s so good about it?

Well, check this out.

I spent last week finishing up a commission, so I don’t have any new work to share, but I’m blogging to spread a little news.  As you may know, I’ve been having special deals on a selection of smaller works lately.  I wanted to let you know I made a really cool piece from around 2011 available this morning.  Actually it consists of two drawings, but should be exhibited as on piece.  The work “Two Women From Lui Magazine” has never been featured on my website and as far as I know, has never been available for purchase.

Anyway, If you like pretty ladies, check out the newly available work below.


To see details and special pricing for this piece and to see what else I have available at special pricing,

visit my Shop page.

Until next time,



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