From Gratitude To Rumination In 149 Words

Hello again dear readers,

I feel happy today. My new oil piece “The Scream After Munch” was purchased by a very wonderful lawyer in Dallas who has supported my work since around 2006 or 2007. She collected some of my first attempts at sculpture and large-scale painting. She’s commissioned me a few times and she also snatched up one of my infamous watercolors from 2013.

I’m glad “The Scream After Munch” went to her.

Thanks Lisa.


Now that “The Scream After Munch” has sold, I had an empty spot on my shop page, so I uploaded a new autobiographical watercolor I made to help me cope with the trials and tribulations of dealing with hippies, fat psychotics & parasitic insects.

“Neighbors & Fleas” is now up for grabs.


The detail photo above is cool, but check out the full piece  on my shop page.

Just click HERE.

Until next time,



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