Selling Ideas of Rosy Red Rockwell Dwarves, Sex & Good Luck For A Limited Time

Hello again dear readers,

I wanted to let you know I threw up a couple of previously unavailable pieces on my “Shop” page.  The piece featured below is titled

“Rosy Red Rockwell Dwarves, Sex & Good Luck For A Limited Time”.


I painted the figure over a friend’s little girl’s watercolor.  Don’t worry, I had permission.  I’m not some deviant bastard who goes around ruining children’s artwork for the sheer pleasure of watching tears stream down their rosy red cheeks.   

I got the idea from an old fantasy novel.  A very sexually active dwarf was heartbroken after learning that the women were only having sex with him for the good luck intercourse with a dwarf would bring.  Anyway, the paper wasn’t primed so it was difficult to move the oil around the surface.  I found it didn’t matter much after a while.  I just wanted to insure that the dwarves cheeks featured similar reds as the old Norman Rockwell Santa Clause paintings.  Don’t as me why.

In all seriousness, I still need to raise some funds, and have put a handful of really cool pieces “On Sale”, so check out my current special offers by clicking Here.

Until next time,



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