Mike Kelly Explains His Work

Hello again everyone,

A friend of mine paid a visit last week.  We were discussing different types art and artists who we like.  Mike Kelly’s name came up in the conversation.  My friend exclaimed, “I love that guy’s stuff.  I don’t understand it, but I love it.”  I had to admit that I really didn’t understand his work either.  I first heard about Mike Kelly through an art collector friend who I correspond with regularly.  I plowed through plenty of images of Kelly’s work, but never really investigated what was behind it.

Anyway, I had some free time yesterday, so decided to use it to learn and hopefully become inspired.  I found an artist talk where Mike Kelly’s work is broken down and explained by the artist himself.  It starts off a little slow during the introduction and takes about 10 minutes to really pick up, but if you can get through that, I think the talk becomes very interesting.

If you have ever been curious and have a little time to spare, check it out

Until next time,




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