“The problem with getting bigger & stronger is… your dick stays the same size” & other new works

Hello everybody,

I’ve finished some new work.  They’re really more like studies, as I’d like to recreate the pieces on a larger scale.  After a bitch of a battle, the muse is back in full swing and being milked as we speak.  Unfortunately, thanks to my hiatus, the funds are not and that is something I need to sort out.

Many of the concepts, components and compositions for these new works started last year.  They either began by visual design or written ideas  frequently scribbled  into my sketchbook with a ballpoint pen. More often than not, the imagery and idea are completely separate entities but eventually they find their way together and become conjoined.  For example, I began work on the “Superman” imagery below late last year.  I recently altered it substantially but I still didn’t have an idea to attach to the work.  I wrote the statement in my sketchbook only two days ago and was actually in the middle of pairing it with other imagery when I realized the “Superman” composition would be the perfect visual anchor for my written self observation.

I keep referring to the initial visual work as the “Superman” imagery, but really, I intended the figure to represent Superman’s odd, backward counterpart Bizzaro. The “S” is supposed to be backwards.   Anyway, check out the new works below.  Feel free to let me know what you think.


“The problem with getting bigger & stronger is…your dick stays the same size”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, oil, gel, acrylic transfer & chest hair on recycled watercolor paper, 2014


“Burn it down Charizard.  Burn it all down”

8 1/2″ x 11 3/4″, oil, graphite & acrylic transfer on recycled watercolor paper, 2014

I don’t want to make this blog post too long, but I can’t help talking about how the piece above originated.

That being said, my grandmother gave my son several pokeballs , like the one featured in the piece, containing gold-plated trading cards.  These were sold briefly via a fast food chain in the 90’s.  I had introduced my 4-year-old to the original Pokemon cartoons months before and he became an avid fan.  He’s starting school in August and for a while, he wasn’t too excited about it.  Anytime school would be mentioned to him, he’d say, “My Charizard will get the teacher and burn down the school”  

Don’t worry, like a good parent, I did my best to squash statements like that as they could be problematic, but I couldn’t help being interested in what a 4-year-old boy’s real-life application of  powerful pokemon would be. 

Until next time,



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