Finally Making Use Of the Reference Photos I’ve Hoarded Over The Last Few Years

Hi everyone,

I’m back again after another painting session.  I figured I’d better paint something other than a dwarf this time around.  After all, I’d hate to get trapped in a niche.  That being said, I started searching through the hundreds of reference photos I’ve hoarded since 2010 and found a very expressive female face to paint and I’m pleased with the way the portrait turned out.  It’s an oil portrait with very loose brush stokes. I paid attention to detail, but avoided going too tight and painted it rather quickly.  Again, I went over one of the abstract expressionist works given to me a couple of years ago by a friend for just that purpose.

Anyway, check out the new oil below and feel free to comment if you’d like.


Untitled portrait

30″ x 22 1/2″, oil & primer on recycled watercolor paper, 2014

I’m not adding these new portraits to my website right away, but for pricing information about the piece above, 

please email me at

Until next time,




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