Painting Over A Littles Girl’s Watercolor Drawings

Hey everybody,

 Last year my pal, standup comedian Steve Herndon, gave me a large stack of watercolor paper to reuse.  You see, Steve had already painted abstract expressionist style compositions on each sheet. Steve’s little girl Saffy had drawn all over the back of one piece with watercolor.  I liked her rudimentary, whimsical drawings and decided to start with Saffy’s piece.  That being said, I guess this is a collaboration of sorts.

Anyway, I had quite a bit of trouble because the watercolor paper wanted to immediately soak up the oil paint.  So as you can imagine, blending the different tones together was a nightmare and it took longer than it normally would have, but it all worked out in the end.  I’m happy with it anyway.

Anyway, check out my new oil below.


“Dwarf With Saffy Herndon’s drawing”

22 1/2″ x 30″, oil & tape on child’s drawing on paper, 2014

I’m not putting any of my new works on my website right away, but if you’re interested in purchase contact me at

Until next time,


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