New Watercolor Head Study “Female Dwarf”

Hello again,

I’m still playing around with watercolor portraits and using acrylic from time to time when necessary.  It’s a quick and easy medium to practice in, though lately, I’ve had some ideas that will require busting out the oils!  I have a tone of old watercolor paintings on heavy-duty paper that a fellow artist gave specifically for the purpose of recycling, so I’ll probably start painting a coat of white paint over them today.  Anyway, take a look at my latest watercolor head study below


Female Dwarf

15 x 11″ watercolor & acrylic on 140lb acid-free watercolor paper, 2014

I also reworked the background of the sumo watercolor below.  I liked the blue but after days of discomfort, I came to the conclusion that it may have been taking away from the head.  Painting over the areas surrounding the figure may not have been the perfect solution, but I did it anyway.  Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with a better idea for it at some point.


Until next time,



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