Jamie Winn

Hello again,

I’m back with another artist feature.  This time, it’s Jamie Winn.  Jamie contacted me prior to a group show we were both involved in down in Houston.  She’s sharp and quick with witty comebacks and her art is easy on the eyes.  Read about Jamie Winn and check out her work below.

Jamie Winn was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been traveling the country learning from and working with any type of artist she managed to befriend along the way. She has worked primarily as a tattoo artist for the last ten years, and is currently working in Huntsville, Texas at F.N Classy Studios. However, Jamie can be found dabbling in watercolor, oils or even spray paint at any given time. Lately she has been busy creating lamps made from reclaimed lighting fixtures, wood, and various other mixed medias. Her works greatly reflect her career in traditional tattooing and it’s style, but also ventures into the slightly macabre; reminding us just how strange the world can be.




If you’d like to see more or contact Jamie about her work email

jamiewinnsue@yahoo.com also

Until next time,



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