Who needs Ginkgo Biloba?

Hello everyone,

Over the weekend, I measured and then packed away the unstretched “Apoko – Lips” oils in a neat plastic covered roll…well, after admiring them for a while anyway. I don’t know when I’ll exhibit them, but they are definitely safe until then.  With the latest oils packed away, I now have room to start the next phase of my art making.

I haven’t really began the hands on, in studio process yet, but I have designed several collage studies for work I plan to make this year.  I’m still not sure how I plan to execute pieces either.  Oil seems the natural choice, but anyone who has followed my work over the years knows that I like to switch things up in the name of progress.

That being said, I’ve been experimenting and thinking quite a bit about how I can see my new ideas realized.  I’m examining ways to trim down the time of my creation process as well as let loose of the reins of control a bit.  I’m toying with the idea of utilizing backgrounds again and putting into play some techniques I’ve picked up over the years but have rarely used.   





All new “Apoko – Lips” oils are now up and available at http://ckirkart.com/gallery2011.html

For info & availability email info@ckirkart.com

Until next time,




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