New Oil, New Watercolors



Hello everyone,

I’ve been busy as ever.  I finished up a new oil for the “Apoko – Lips” line of paintings.  I had some down time during Thanksgiving and I’m not very good at just kicking back, so also  started playing around with watercolor again.  It’s been a while and I stated to miss the playfulness of the media.  It was nice to simply drop paint into water without worrying about precision or the photorealism I insist on creating when using oil.  As usual, my watercolors are a little lewd.

Check out the new oil and watercolors below.




“Apoko Lips – The Valkyrie” Size yet to be determined, oil on canvas, 2013



“Just another shit head attempt to get closer to god”

11 x 14″, watercolor on 9olb. acid – free watercolor paper, 2013


“I shaved my beard off about a week ago. In that moment directly after, I went from feeling like a mythical beast with a 5ft gofer bopping dick – mace to a fresh – faced lady boy.”

14 x 11″, watercolor on 90lb. acid – free watercolor paper, 2013

Until next time,



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