Two New Oils: “Not another sexy harbinger of doom..geez kirk,”

Hi everyone,

I’ve been painting non stop all this week.  I finished a small canvas and made a killer start on a another.  First up is a piece I may just title “HARDEEHARHAR – Is It O.K. To Joke About Occupy Now?” I mixed up some pretty grey’d out muddy tones for the flesh. As usual, I mixed too much paint.  Anyway, the painting is on a small gallery profile canvas.  I’m not sure of the size yet….probably 9 x 12″..maybe.




The second new piece for the “Apoko – Lips” line of oils isn’t finished yet.  I did get a pretty good start though.  I particularly like the gradation on the atomic bomb.  The prosthetic legs, flame and smoke are really the only areas of the painting I have left to finish.  I know you’re saying to yourself, “Not another sexy harbinger of doom..geez kirk,” but hey, it’s been a while since I painted a female..or a bomb for that matter. Now, I’m officially out of canvas or so I think. Maybe not.





Until next time,



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