“The Great & Ravenous Pooh” + “When The Musics’ Over”

Hi everybody,

Last week I put a drawing called “The Great & Ravenous Pooh” on sale.  The piece never made it onto my website nor have I really ever promoted this work.  The piece measures 14 x 17″ was created with charcoal, oil pastel & tape on acid-free bristol vellum in 2011. In my rendition of the classic story book character, Pooh is not cute, doesn’t talk like an old man, probably still eats honey, but would also most certainly eat his friends Christopher Robin, Piglet, Rabbit and the rest if he had the opportunity.  Also, My toddler added the oil pastel while I wasn’t looking.  That could’ve ruined the piece, but strangely enough…I like it.


This week I decided to put up a “Fleshy” diptych  on sale.  It’s called “When The Musics’ Over” and was created with watercolor & coffee on two 9 x 12″ pieces of 140lb acid-free watercolor paper in 2012.    The piece was made when I was just starting to experiment with watercolor.  I guess because I was learning the qualities and drawbacks of the medium, my imagination didn’t come into play much during this time period.  Instead used reference photos from old porn magazines to create these works.  I think I made about 4 similar to “When The Musics’ Over”.


Both “The Great & Ravenous Pooh” and “When The Musics’ Over” on sale HERE.

Until next time,




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