Why Not Sell These Motherfuckers: Lost Works Found Works

Hello everyone,
Things have been going well.  I have 7 new oil paintings completed for a series I’m calling “Apoko – Lips”. The shows at San Francisco’s Ian Ross Gallery had great turn outs.  One “Made in China” received a lot of press and my 2012 painting “Creeps & Motherfuckers” was featured on ultra popular blogs  huffpost arts & culture & Hi Fuctose.  I have a few more shows coming up in 2013 and it looks like I may even have representation at Miami Art Basel.  The show I am most excited about though is “Naughty or Nice” at Copro Gallery during Krampus Los Angeles.  There are a ton of artists exhibiting including Chet Zar, Bob Dobb, Luke Cheu, Travis Louie, and even the film director Tim Burton!  
Things get a little tight this time of year and I’m trying to raise a little extra cash for a guilt-free flight to Los Angeles to attend to the “Naughty or Nice” exhibit at Copro.  I just happened to find some original works of art that I had forgotten about.   I figured the best way to reach my goal would be to sell some of them.
 The “Lost Works Found Works” is a collection of sketches, drawings, and a few paintings in various media, most of which have not really ever been promoted and many have never been seen before.  “Lost Works Found Works can viewed on facebook.  If you’re not on facebook, let me know and I’ll send you a zip file containing the collection.
These works will be discounted, so if you see anything that grabs your interest, shoot me an email to info@ckirkart.com and we’ll discuss  piece info and price.
Until next time

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