“I Added The Faded Rainbow Simply For Good Measure” + “Made In China” This Friday


Hello again everyone,

“Made In China” is this Friday (November the 8th) at San Francisco’s Ian Ross Gallery.  If you’re in the bay area drop by and check it out.  After all it was featured on both Huffington Post Arts & Culture and Hi Fructose.  RSVP here.

In other news, I have recently completed two more pieces for my new “Apoko – Lips” line of oil paintings.    The first should measure around 18 x 24 when stretched and was based on “Kid Miraclemanwho grew into a god-like psychopath and destroyed London in  probably one of the most intelligent, graphic and disturbing comic book stories ever.  I figured Kid Miracleman would fit right into my “Apoko – Lips” oils, so I gave it a go and Alex Ross’d it up.  Anyway, I used a photograph of my son for reference.  His skin is already interesting to paint, but in the photo he had been playing and was flushed.  When flushed his skin is really fun to paint.  Its full of deep maroons, oranges, yellows and so on. 


I’m thinking about calling it “Kid Tested Motherbox Approved” despite the fact that Motherbox has nothing to do with the painting or the character who inspired it.  We’ll see.


Earlier this year I did a Galactus themed watercolor piece called “Portrait Of The Artist As Demi God With Eternal Appetite”. I figured a similar painting would fit in nicely with “Apoko – Lips”, so I decided to revamp the idea in oil.   It measures 30 x 40 and was done on a pre stretched gallery profile canvas.  I changed it up a bit from the watercolor and made the helmet silver.  I figured that would contrast nicely with the flesh tones.  I added the faded rainbow simply for good measure.




Until next time,




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