“Made In China” + Paintings Where I Dream Of Destroying The World With Imaginary, Vicious Harbingers & Deranged Gods


Hello again,

The next exhibit I’m participating in is called “Made In China” at San Francisco’s Ian Ross Gallery.   Anyway, the exhibit was featured on HuffPost Arts & Culture.  Check it out here. 

If you’re in San Francisco hit the opening of “Made In China” on November 8th.  RSVP Here.

In other news, I rearranged some oils the other day to free up the other painting wall. I measured, cut and stapled up fresh canvas for the new piece “Harbinger”.   The piece  was painted with much, much DARKER tones and will have an extremely more simple composition than the last two “Apoko – Lips” oils.



I think I’m finished with “Harbinger #1”. Maybe I’ll add some splatter. Don’t know. Either way, keep an eye out for my new “Apoko -Lips” oil paintings where I dream of destroying the world with imaginary, vicious harbingers and deranged gods.





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