Apoko – Lips #2, The Three Furies + SaatchiOnline

Hello all,

I started painting “Apoko – Lips #2” this week.  It’s coming along slowly but steadily.  Over the last two days I painted the bombs and made a start on the inflatable tiger head helmet worn by Fury in front.  It feels good to get some work on the piece done, but I have a long way to go.  I still have to paint the inflatable shark heads, atomic explosions, and the three wide hipped fleshy nude beauties also known as

“The Three Furies” 

In the meantime, check out my progress photos below if you like.




In other news, I set up an account with saatchionline.com.  I participate in gallery shows and sell quite a bit of work from my personal website, but after hearing the success that some of my fellow artists have had with saatchionline.com, I decided I might as well try to tap into the saatchi market  and get in on the action.  Anyway, I have uploaded a handful of works ranging in size and medium. I even have made a small number of my “infamous” new sketchbook drawings available for the first time.

Check it out   


Until next time,




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