“Just Another Shit Head Attempt To Get Closer To God” & Other New Sketches

Hello again,

Man, I’ve had a lot of “Real life situations” come my way lately.  Nothing huge, but enough inconveniences  to make it difficult to paint as usual.  I think I went almost a week without doing any work at all, but thankfully after doodling a little last week, I have continued to put my sketch book to good use.  I can’t believe I went years without doing this!  Anyway, below are a few quick & stupid sketches that I cranked out over the last few days and yes…some of the concepts will be translated into gushy, messy, sexy watercolor pieces!


“Just Another Shit Head Attempt To get Closer To God”


“They Didn’t Have Dollars Back In Those Days, But Sonsabitches, Yeah”


“One Legged Hooker With Tourette Syndrome”


“I Absolutely Hate When White People Call Me “Brother”


“I’ve Been Unemployable For Years #2”

Until next time,




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