After Weeks of Artist’s Block, I Finally managed to Paint Again


I haven’t painted anything for weeks due to a few different reasons: 1. I suffered from a lack of inspiration. 2. My studio flooded a handful of times. 3. I’ve been feeling fatigued. 4. Laziness. The list could go on really.  I actually even have a commission to finish….so my “Creative drought is really ill-timed.  Anyway, the fog has lifted a little bit.
I finally couldn’t hold myself back anymore. The watercolor isn’t quite the Mona Lisa, but this idea has been on my mind for weeks. It feels good to paint again.  Now that I’m getting my foothold back, I should have some new work as well as a new commission to show shortly.
Check out the photos below of the new watercolor that remains untitled for now.
Untitled # 1 2013, 18 x 24, watercolor on 140lb acid – free watercolor paper, 2013
Until next time,

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