A Few New Watercolors, Petgun-Petgun-Apocalypse

Hi all,

I’m starting my next commission this week…an oil portrait of cigarette smoking Frenchman La Dav and have been doing watercolors almost everyday.  I finished reading “Arkham Asylum” and wanted to use Dave McKean’s version of the Joker without actually doing a joker piece.  


I also took my 3-year-old son to the comic book store for the first time.  Grabbed him a Batman cowl and cape.  Put the receipt in an envelope to write off on my taxes and referenced a photograph of the kid in the cowl for yet another “Pet Gun” painting.


Also after completing the “Galactus” themed piece last week…I figured why not do another portrait of myself as another marvel villain?  This time I chose Apocalypse  because I also subscribe to Darwin’s theory of Evolution.


“”Portrait Of The Artist As Advocate For Natural Selection”, 11 x 14 “, Watercolor on 90lb acid-free Watercolor paper, 2013

Until next time




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