Expressing My Ambition & Appetites: Galactus Themed Watercolor + New Art Video

Hi again,

I finished putting the Schoch commission video together yesterday.  The video shows the progression of the oil painting from blank canvas to badass composition.  Its fun to watch!

I’ll be starting my next commission soon.  It’s much smaller, so it shouldn’t take as long.  I’ll be painting the face of a cigarette smoking Frenchman by the name of La Dave.  I’m excited because I’ll be using the same ruddy flesh tone pallet I employed on “Re Imagining Gozer”.  Before starting the commission, I had to get an idea that has been bouncing around in my head out and onto paper, so yesterday evening I started the watercolor below.


 I normally keep my watercolors pieces loose  but I kept this piece much tighter than usual.  I figured painting myself in a Galactus mask would be a funny if not slightly ominous way of expressing my ambitions and my appetites.

The piece is titled “Portrait Of The Artist As Demi God With Eternal Appetite”, and was created with watercolor and primer.  The painting is on an 18 x 24″ sheet of 140lb acid free watercolor paper, but I’m not sure if the size is going to remain.  I’m going to take a proper photograph of the entire piece later today to see how it looks.  I may be cutting the sheet down the size above.

Until next time,



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