2 NEW Watercolors + The “Schoch” Commission Was Completed

Hello again,

Since my last blog post I finished two new watercolor pieces.  Both are 11 x 14″ on 90lb watercolor paper.  The first is titled “Wicked Gods With Little g’s & Big Dicks”,  I’ll explain.  As always, I’ve been shooting plenty of footage documenting the progression of  Mr. Schoch’s piece.  Monkeys are in the composition, so I searched the web for monkey songs.  Anyway, I found one that I hadn’t heard since I was a teenager….  “My Monkey” by Marilyn Manson.   Anyway, the song is a bit too much for the Schoch video, but I wanted to somehow  turn the experience of re listening to “My Monkey” after all these years into a piece of art.  I used to love Marilyn Manson’s tunes.  I still do despite the fact that never listen to the songs anymore.  I guess I’m just not as angry as I used to be.


The second watercolor was really created by accident.  I was playing around with changing up the index menu text on my website.  I figured the menu would look cool hand written in watercolor.  Anyway, I decided I wasn’t up the task of dealing with all the html on that particular day and began to doodle beside the text.  I wound up painting a funny little image of The Joker.


This piece is titled.  “The Artist Formerly Know As Joker”

Both of these new works can be found on the gallery page of my website.  Just click HERE.

In other news.  I finished the “Schoch” commission.  He loves it and so does his 5-year-old daughter who is featured in the piece.  It will be a while before I can ship the piece though.  The paint is so thick and heavy…it will take some time to dry.  I plan to put the progression video together today or tomorrow, but in the mean time, check out the images below.








Until next time,




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