Commission + New Work + Blowing Off Steam With Spray Paint & Oil

Hello again,

The Schoch commission is going well.  I have two of the monkeys painted.  Next up I need to paint the soda can, the grass, and start on the little girl.  Considering the monkeys are monochromatic, I think painting soda can, grass and girl in color will really move the viewer’s eye around the canvas.

IMG_6371 IMG_6372 IMG_6373

In other news,  in my down time I created a video featuring some of my new works.  They’re mostly done in watercolor, but they’re a few mixed media pieces where I used primer and marker.  Check it out.

Also, the last few weeks have been pretty stressful.  I may be moving studios and there’s some other stuff I won’t mention.  Anyway, I was hanging out with my son a couple of days ago and decided to blow off some steam on an old practice canvas.  I hadn’t used spray paint in a while and had some oil left over on my pallet from a commission, so I decided to fuck around.  The piece wound up looking like a emo high school student!  This piece isn’t going on my website, but feel free to check out current available work at

Until next time,


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