New “Warm Up” Paintings That Found Their Way On To My Website

Hi again,

I’m just finishing up the “Bear Beast” commission and soon I’ll be set to begin a  40 x 30″ piece for Mr. Alexander Schoch.  I’m proud to have another piece in his contemporary art collection.  Alexander’s collection is impressive to say the least.  Anyway, like I mentioned in my last blog, I have been doing daily “Warm up” pieces, mostly in watercolor, before heading downstairs to the studio to paint with oil. These works are quick, loose, and a lot of fun.  They really loosen me up.  For me, the warm up pieces have become like the first drink an alcoholic takes to steady the shakes.  That being said, a handful of the small works have found their way onto my website.  Check out the selection below and to view more, just visit the “Selected Works” section of


“I’ll Eat You Up”


“Fall From Grace”


“Ed Harris As Picasso Playing Popeye After Whalloping An Obey Street Crew”


“The First Of Seven Angels Blasting The First Of Seven Horns”

Until next time



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